Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea Answers

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: This weekend, a brand new web event called Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream at Sea will be accessible, allowing players to delve further into the beautiful world of the game. A new set of challenges awaits players as part of the event’s new content, such as exploring the beautiful Sea of Clouds and conquering challenging new challenges.

Players can access the fresh material right away by logging into their accounts. The live dates for this special event are July 22 through July 31, 2022. The event’s eligibility requirements, rules for participation, and expected rewards are all listed here.

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: What Is The Eligibility?

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea

The Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream at Sea event is already accessible to all Travelers who have completed Genshin Impact and have attained Adventure Rank 32 or higher. However, since you qualify, it appears that you must now assist Paimon in realizing her dreams.

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: What About The Gameplay?

Players must complete Daily Missions or other missions during the event in order to aid Paimon in retrieving her lost memories. Players will receive Paimon’s Inspirations as a result, and they can utilize these to advance the event. Players can gain Primogems and other goodies as they assist Paimon in recalling more of her dream.

1. Paimon’s Inspirations: In the guise of unique tasks, Paimon will impart her inspiration to Travelers. Travelers will need to spend 3 Paimon’s Inspirations to unlock Dream Memories. We can get them by accomplishing particular chores every day. Remember to use our Inspiration before they expire because the daily missions refresh at 4:00 Server Time every day.

2. Dream Recalls: The secret to all of the awards in this event is Dream Memories. Every day as the event progresses, 5 dream levels will become available. Paimon could need our aid in remembering the specifics of her dream to remember it. By hearing her story or perusing her artwork, we can help her. We will have finished her recollection once we have assisted her with every detail.

3. Paimon’s Snack Food: Paimon will start to reflect if the players seem unable to assist him in remembering the dream. Snacks will help Paimon feel better and help her remember her dream.

For the first five days after registering for the web event, participants will receive three snacks daily. Snacks earned from completing game missions will aid Paimon in remembering a dream she forgot.

The number of tasks that may be finished each day is limited, so be sure to spread them out and finish them during the day. Additionally, snacks that have not been claimed or used by the daily reset will be removed. Finally, snacks that have been claimed will not be cleared.

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: Answers to Mesmerizing Dream at Sea Day 1:-

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea Answers

The Traveler & Paimon will have a conversation about Paimon’s dream while visiting each of the levels in her dream. As she tries to recall, there are dialogue options that offer hints as to what her dream might be about, choosing the right response will aid her memory.

In order to find the best response, travellers can also review earlier exchanges with Paimon.

1: The island was quite well known. Paimon can’t seem to place it, but I think it was the first island we visited.

Answer: The answer is Is it an island with lots of Dodocos?

2: What kind of car did we ride in when we first arrived at the archipelago?

Answer: The Kaboomball Fortress, is the answer.

3: Paimon appeared to see something as soon as he left the stronghold. Here is a brief description of its appearance. Paimon is unsure of its true nature.

Answer: The answer is A flying Treasure Chest.

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: Answers to Mesmerizing Dream at Sea Day 2 :-

1: What could that be except a brightly coloured Forest Boar?

Answer: Dream Form.

2: A headache will come after every time [Player] faced this evil flying thing. Yet why?

Answer: A Specter

3: This is a general description of the appearance. Paimon questions what it actually was.

Answer: A monster that excels at pulling practical jokes.

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea: All Rewards Of The Event :-

After completing all the dream memories as in Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream at Sea event, participants can get Event goodies. Event prizes include.

• Primogems ×80

• Hero’s Wit ×6

• Mystic Enhancement Ore ×8

• Sanctifying Unction ×4

• Mora ×90,000.

Quickly claim the prizes, To avoid missing out, make sure to claim them first before the event is over. Get ready to go on the journey right now and discover what Genshin Impact’s ethereal universe has in store for us.

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