Dodofortress Genshin Impact: How To Play & What Are The Rewards?

Dodofortress Genshin Impact: In the time limited region of the Golden Apple Archipelago, take on the ball-launching Dodofortress Genshin Impact. To defeat it, reflect Kaboomballs with our Dodoguard. A Map of the Golden Apple Archipelago We may play Kaboomball Kombat alone or with a friend, but only two people can play at once. In our Co-Op boards, we can find Kombat partners if we don’t currently have many friends with whom to play.

Dodofortress Genshin Impact: Explained In Short :-

Dodofortress Genshin Impact

Travelers can take on the Dodofortress Genshin Impact during the event and win Enigma Gears. Enigma Gears can be redeemed in the event shop for prizes such as Primogem, Celebration Kaboomball name cards, Character EXP Materials, or Mora. Travelers have the opportunity to battle Dodofortresses on an island throughout the event.

To battle the Dodofortress Genshin Impact during the challenge, travellers may use the Dodoguard and reflect Kaboomballs. To get the best score, eliminate the most Dodofortresses in the allotted period. Shazamfruits with various effects may occur during the task; pick them up to receive benefits.

Dodofortress Genshin Impact: All Possible Locations :-

The variety of Kaboomballs, Shazamfruits, and challenge objectives varies between each Kaboomball Kombat stage. Check out our guide for details on each step, as well as advice on how to achieve the best possible results.

The Golden Apple Archipelago’s Minacious Isle, to the northwest of which are the Kaboomball Kombat challenge spots. On the island, a painting that was once locked by a water dome can be used to access the challenges. Travelers must employ Dodoguards in

Dodofortress Genshin Impact: First Read This Tutorial Before Going To Play :-

Dodofortress Genshin Impact

In order to damage the Dodofortresses and reflect Kaboomballs during the Kaboomball Kombat tasks. Our Dodoguards’ timing when they strike the balls will determine whether the reflection is a normal return or even a perfect return. Perfect Returns inflicts more harm than the two. For the best score, eliminate the most Dodofortresses in the allotted time.

Kaboomball Kombat 2 Tutorial: A Dodofortress’s fury metre fills up after being struck by a return shot. The Dodofortress Genshin Impact will temporarily enter a fury faze once this metre is full, which will increase both the rate at which it fires Kaboomballs and the likelihood that it will do so occasionally.

Kaboomball Kombat 3 Tutorial: In order to defend themselves, some Dodofortresses may produce a shield. Shields prevent normal returns from harming Dodofortresses. The only way to take down the shield is with Perfect Returns.

Kaboomball Kombat 4 Tutorial: We can participate in a Kaboomball Kombat challenge in Single Player Mode. As a two player team in Co-Op Mode, we can take on the Kaboomball Kombat doubles challenge.

Kaboomball Kombat 5 Tutorial: Throughout the tasks, many Kaboomball and Shazamfruit varieties will be present. To make the task go more smoothly, avoid the bad effects of Kaboomballs and take advantage of the effects of Shazamfruits.

Dodofortress Genshin Impact: How To Play?

When appropriate, use our Dodoguard to block Kaboomballs and inflict damage on the Dodofortress until it is destroyed. Acquire Perfect Returns to further batter the Dodofortress. Shields as well as the Fury Faze should be avoided.

#. Deflect those Kaboomballs: Some Dodofortresses may create barriers that absorb incoming damage until they are destroyed. They even go into a fury faze if their HP is low enough, allowing them to shoot Kaboomballs quicker and produce more special Kaboomballs.

#. Continue to demolish the Dodofortresses: A new Dodofortress will appear in its place after one is destroyed. Our score will be affected by how many Dodofortresses we can take out throughout the challenge period. Challenge boosts are given by Shazamfruits Gather the Shazamfruits which appear in front of you during the task to receive various power-ups and boosts.

#. Reward Enigma Gears by Trading Them In: Players that complete challenges successfully will receive Enigma Gears, which can then be traded in for Primogem, Mora, Talent Level-Up Materials, and Character EXP Materials.


Dodofortress Genshin Impact: Rewards Of The Event :-

Enigma Gears are the event’s currency, and they may be earned by beating challenges. Before the event concludes, make sure to replace our Enigma Gears because they won’t be functional otherwise.

• Hero’s Wit

• Primogem

• Maro

• Talent Enhancement Materials.

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