How to Get COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal?

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: Season 10 offers a tonne of free cosmetic options for COD Mobile players. The majority of the no-cost cosmetics come from recurring Seasonal and Featured events. Seasonal events are offered the entire season, while featured events change every week.

Players of BR Supremacy have a quest to earn the COD Mobile Eagle Eye medal during seasonal events. The game modes in COD Mobile have a ton of medals available, multiplayer, battle royale, and zombies now called an undead siege.

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: Explained In Short:-

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal

The COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal is one of the hardest to earn in the game, and this is how WE can get it for ourselves.

In Call of Duty, there are several different medals, including the Eagle Eye medal. Mobile that one may get our hands on, and in this article, we’ll go over everything that we need to understand well about the COD Eagle Eye medal & how to get it.

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal are essentially accomplishments that players may acquire by completing particular in-game tasks. Once we fulfill a medal’s conditions, it is automatically added to our collection.

Players can earn a variety of medals on mobile by finishing particular game missions. A Eagle Eye Medal is one of most than 86 medals that the battle royale game currently possesses.

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: How To Unlock Eagle Eye?

Players must first understand how to obtain the medal in order to unlock it. On COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal may be obtained by killing someone in Battle Royale mode with a weapon without a scope from a distance of 75 meters or more. Don’t forget that Warfare mode is where players can earn this medal.

In COD Mobile, they must finish this objective in the Blackout or Isolated maps. Without a scope, it is difficult to kill an enemy at a distance of more than 75 meters. However, by using the following advice, players can finish the challenge fairly quickly:

1) Participate in solo lobby matches where we might encounter several AI bots. Since these bots are far simpler to eliminate than actual enemies, finishing the challenge is much simpler.

2) Use a marksman weapon, such as an SKS and any other rifle that deals a tonne of damage at a distance. LMGs have a large magazine size, thus players can try them if they are uncomfortable utilizing marksman rifles.

3) After spotting an adversary in the distance, mark them to ensure that they are at least 75 meters away. By doing this, players will be able to finish the challenge more quickly than if they fought from a distance the entire time.

4) As opposed to using the weapons found in floor and box loot, attempt to kill with the loadout drop’s more precise weaponry. Once unlocked, the COD Eagle Eye medal will appear on the screen, and from the main menu, players can see how many medals they currently have on their achievement profile.

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: How To Get Eagle Eye in COD Mobile?

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal

To get the COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal, an adversary must be killed more than 75 metres away from us without the use of a scope, excluding Warfare mode. Players must only complete the task in battle royale mode because it is a medal that is only available in that mode. By going to the player’s medal section, players may also see how many Eagle Eye medals we have currently received.

Use the smartphone to start Call of Duty Mobile. Open up a battle royale match. Kill an adversary more than 75 meters away without a scope. An Eagle Eye medal will be entirely yours after the goal has been accomplished.

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