Seize Destiny Genshin Impact: Complete Astral Puzzle 3

Seize Destiny Genshin Impact: Seize Destiny is a part of Genshin Impact’s New Astral Puzzle 3. Completing the seize impact challenge has several complications in it, this happens in the minacious isle on the Genshin Impact map, with several sets, here’s at GA how to complete the seize destiny quest on Genshin Impact.

First, to complete the seize destiny challenge, you must head over to the minacious broken isle on the map, asterism shard needs to be located and found first of all.

A total of 7 asterism shards need to be identified before hand to proceed with the Seize Destiny Genshin Impact. The seize destiny is the 3rd phase of the Mirage Domain quests on the Genshin Impact game. The asterism shards are usually located at chests and geo pressure plates easily.

Starting from the minacious isle area of Genshin Impact, the seize destiny quest begins thereby following several actions and adventurous trip rides, also helping you to complete the Astral Puzzle 3 in between. Here’s our complete easy guide to accomplishing the Seize Destiny Genshin Impact.

Seize Destiny Guide Genshin Impact – How to Complete Seize Destiny Easily?

Seize Destiny Genshin Impact

To commence the seize destiny quest guide, first go to the minacious isle on the map location, find out the 7 available asterism shards.

On the west to minacious isle, the asterism shards are usually located. Search out for the shares near geo pressure plates or else the asterism shards are seen at chests.

Third Mirage Domain door needs to be found out, and solve the third shadow lamp riddle, also make sure to match both the asterism shards and crosshair constellation shards.

Keeping the asterism and crosshair shards on upper and lower slots will unlock you the door to Astral’s 3rd puzzle.

Seize Destiny Genshin Impact – Solve the Third Astral Puzzle Now!

At the water room, both shards should be matched exactly with each other to proceed to the Astral Puzzle 3. That’s how the Astral Puzzle can be completed with the guide to astral puzzle 3 on Genshin Impact.

If the Astral Puzzle 3 is completed successfully with the Astral Puzzle 3 quest guide, the 8th asterism shard is up for you from the exquisite chest locations.

Seize Destiny Genshin Impact Guide – Final Phase!

Seize Destiny Genshin Impact

After obtaining the 8th asterism shard from the exquisite chest, get on to the main Mirage room door, another riddle at the last room of the Mirage Domain has to be unraveled once again, then the 4th Mirage door has to be opened.

Match the shards constellation once again as done before, and place them in the slots respectively inorder to form the 4th constellation. Them the final thrilling challenges on road to the Mona’s Domain, The Ancient Azure Stars will begin.

In a similar fashion, the exquisite chest will grant you with the 9th asterism shard, an interaction with the strange blue orb ornament is a must in order to feel and touch the blue orb ornament.

The final destination path of seize destiny will lead you to the forked path, where’s actually you need to obtain the moving star with the trail’s assistance, and then after obtaining the stat, now seize the destiny 2 finally of Genshin Impact’s Mona’s Domain, The Ancient Azure Stars’ quest.

That’s it you are now easily completing the seize destiny, Astral Puzzle 3, astral puzzle 4 and a lot more through this Genshin Impact seize destiny quest guide. More details about the seize destiny guide and other Astral Puzzle 3 and 4 will be updated later.

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