Crystal Chunk Locations Genshin Impact: Farming and Mining Guide 2022!

Crystal Chunk Locations Genshin Impact: Crystal Chunks on Genshin Impact are rare materials that will be required to craft other essential materials and rare weapons. Crystal Chunks are typically found in mines, caves, and tunnels. Genshin Impact  crystal chunks location guide is here from our GA side.

Crystal chunks locations Genshin Impact are also majorly seen at Liyue, Mondstadt, hills, and mining areas. So the crystal chunk ored materials are easy to grab from several locations of Genshin Impact.

The Crystal Chunks locations Genshin Impact are also easily farmed at the chasm area. So from Mondstadt and Liyue, get the crystal chunks are available at bigger rocks.

Crystal Chunks materials are also used by several Genshin Impact items, including crescent pike, wind catcher, prototype starglitter, and compound bow all these exclusive items use crystal chunks to craft other materials and weapons in Genshin Impact.

Crystal Chunk Locations Genshin Impact – How to Find and Farm Crystal Chunks?

Crystal Chunk Locations Genshin

The blue coloured crystal chunks crystal materials in Genshin Impact can really be used to craft and other major exclusive material items like ores, mystic enhancement, and other rare weapons. Here are all those easily identifiable crystal chunks locations Genshin Impact.

As the crystal chunks keep Respawning every 2 days, the rare farming blue crystal chunks are available at,

Minlin has many crystal chunks on the west side of the mt aozang, from a river you must head over to a cavern rocky area, then the crystal chunks are seen floating on the lake as Crystal Chunks nodes.

Next after the Minlin region, guyun stone forest also has a couple of crystal chunks, but go with a good set of weapons and shields to the guyun stone forest region as it’s already been with lots of ruin guards.

Then Mt. Tianheng has blue crystal chunks on some caves, cuijue slope has some blue crystal chunks inside a cave, and also in the hilly regions of the cuijue.

Crystal Chunk Mining Locations Genshin Impact!

Crystal Chunk Locations Genshin Impact

As the chasm is the first mining for all Crystal Chunks of Genshin Impact, especially the Liyue and Mondstadt region people of Genshin Impact have often seen farming and mining crystal chunks at chasm.

Crystal Chunk Farming Regions!

The Chasm: Major Mining Area

Chasm has always been the major crystal chunks mining place at Genshin Impact, so go and search for the blue crystal stones and farm it at chasm.

Nameless Ruins

To farm your crystal blue stone chunks, nameless Ruins can be your go to farming route at the waypoint of the nameless ruins.

Stony Halls

In the southern area of the Stony Halls region of Genshin Impact, two to three crystal chunks can be seen often.

Glowing Narrows

Genshin Impact’s last area to farm the Crystal Chunks has to be the glowing narrows, waypoint north of glowing narrows will provide you with the best option obtain the crystal chunks, but be tentative at the glowing narrows while your opponents will also be there to collect the blue crystal chunks stones.

That’s all about the crystal chunk locations Genshin Impact 2.8, crystal chunks farming, and crystal chunks mining locations on Genshin Impact. All possible crystal chunk locations Genshin Impact are mentioned here through this Crystal Chunks location Genshin Impact guide.

Items Which Use Crystal Chunks!

So here are the other Genshin Impact exclusive items and ores which use crystal chunks to craft and for other mining processes too.

Geoculus Resonance Stone, Prototype Archaic, Frostbearer, Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Geo Treasure Compass, Anemoculus Resonance Stone, Anemo Treasure Compass, Wind Catcher, Prototype Archaic, Whiteblind are some of the items which will use the blue coloured crystal chunks on Genshin Impact.

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