Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: All 20 Astral Puzzles Solutions

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: An Astral Puzzle of Mona’s new mission is among the trickiest riddles that miHoYo has as of late added to Genshin. Genshin Impact 2.8 has so far added a number of new Puzzles. We must rearrange nodes to make patterns in a sequence of rooms in order to generate starry constellations in order to solve it.

I’ll explain how each of the four riddles in this Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact guides functions and provides you with a solution for each. Assuming we’re excited for Sumeru, we should study its three principal characters, Tighnari, Collie, and Dori, or we could be interested in where to track down Fischl’s clothing for nothing or the area of the Phantasmal Conches.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: Explained:-

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact

The longest and trickiest riddles of a Summertime Odyssey event are the astral ones found in the Mona domain of Genshin Impact. Because we must answer the astral Puzzle in order to progress in the Ancient Azure Stars event quest, they are particularly unpleasant during that quest.

Each astral puzzle solution required to finish Ancient Azure Stars in Genshin Impact is described in full below. We’ve also provided the precise shard pieces we need to open each puzzle-related door.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: Ancient Azure Stars Event Quest :-

The Summertime Odyssey headline event for Genshin Impact 2.8’s Astral Puzzle is divided into five parts, the first of which is the Ancient Azure Stars event quest. We must fulfil the following requirements in order to participate there in Summertime Odyssey events. At least Adventure Rank 32.

• Chapter 2, Prologue Autumn breezes, Scarlet Leaves, an Archon quest, has been completed.

• Complete The mission in Mona’s Astrolabos Chapter 1, Beyond This World’s Stars. We can still participate in the event if we haven’t finished Mona’s story quest by selecting fast start from the event page. Events for the Summertime Odyssey continue through August 24, 2022.

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Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: How To Solve The puzzle?

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact
Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact

Archipelago like all the Summertime Odyssey adventures. There are a total of four problems that we must resolve.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact: Quest – Solve The Astral Puzzle Part 1:-

Solution 1 for the Genshin Impact Mona mona astral puzzle. We must first place the proper shard fragment into to the top and bottom portions of the mechanism just across from the first locked door in Mona’s domain to unlock the first astral puzzle.

Each door’s answer is displayed upon them, but because there is some overlap, it isn’t always clear where the correct shard should go. We must place the shard fragment having three dots forming the horizontal line at the bottom of the its image into the upper slot of the first door. Insert the shard into the lower slot so that the top of a shard’s image has two dots forming a horizontal line.

We’ll find Mona’s domain’s first crucial astral challenge just past the door. On the ceiling is the answer to the first astral riddle. Since it’s unclear exactly where our answer begins, we’ve included a photo of first astral puzzle solutions below, which shows the viewer standing to the left of the entrance.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Quest – Solve The Astral Puzzle Part 2 :-

Solution 2 to the Genshin Impact Mona astral puzzle. We need to place the shard piece with five dots making a little ‘V’ shape there at bottom of its image into the upper slot of the second door in the main hallway. Insert the shard with the image of a bird’s head at the bottom but no connecting dots into the lower slot. For the second door, there are top and bottom shards pieces.

We’ll find the second crucial astral puzzle on Mona’s domain when we unlock the door. This time, this solution is just a little trickier since we will need to touch the bright star on a few of the walls so it can reveal the right design to us through a little hole in the roof. Since it may take some time to manoeuvre around the hole and find the right image, we have provided a picture showing the answer to the second astral star Puzzle Genshin Impact on Mona’s domain below, taken from directly across from the entrance.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Quest – Solve The Astral Puzzle Part 3 :-

The third door should be opened after we are back in the main hallway. We should place the shard piece with two dots creating a horizontal line at the bottom of its image into the upper slot of the third door. Put the shard having two dots creating a horizontal button at the top of its image into the bottom slot.

We can find Mona’s domain’s third crucial astral star Puzzle Genshin Impact solution shortly after going through this door. By observing the water within the sealed compartment to the right of the entry, we can determine the correct pattern. We have a picture of the 3rd astral puzzle answer in Mona’s domain below gazing onto the room’s entrance because it can be tedious to walk back there every time we need to check the pattern.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Quest – Solve The Astral Puzzle Part 4 :-

This glowing star will take us down to the main hall, however this time, instead of jumping into the middle pool, we will proceed directly to the fourth and last door.

Take the shard that resembles the bird’s head out from the lower slot next to the second door before we may open it. We should place the shard piece resembling a bird’s head with no connecting dots just at bottom of its picture into the upper slot of the fourth and final door.

Put the shard in the lower slot that has five dots making a wavy line at the bottom of the its image. The fourth crucial astral challenge in Mona’s domain is just past the door. By flipping the switch, the fourth astral problem can be solved. This will cycle through a few different patterns, but the right one is the image that isn’t oval-shaped.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Solution to the Pudding Isle Pressure Plate Puzzle :-

Use the bonsai of Kazuha in Twinning Isle. Select “Leisurely Rocks: Right” or “Unyielding Rocks: Left.”

To the centre of Pudding Isle, teleport. On the two pressure plates, add weights. Use Kazuha’s Bonsai to reorganise the island in order to solve this Pudding Isle Pressure Plate problem. Set it to Leisurely Rocks, Right as well as Unyielding Rocks Left, then confirm. We can use this to simultaneously activate both plates in order to obtain the Common Chest.

Genshin Broken Isle Conch
Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Minacious isle Luxurious Chest :-

Teleport at Minacious Isle first. Once we arrive at this location and see the squirrel, follow it until we reach this location. Proceed to the first cryo task and keep the sign in mind. Use Xinqiu or Barbara to get it to the teleport spot, then use skill and burst to fly to a hydro puzzle, where we must touch it. The next puzzle is the anemo puzzle, this same third is the pyro puzzle, and the final puzzle is the hydro puzzle.

Don’t forget that the common chest exists. Then this is where the black hole entrance will appear. To obtain a luxurious chest, collect three anemograna or use a venti to fly to a black hole portal. Following that, we will teleport here and receive a Luxurious Chest.

Astral Star Puzzle Genshin Impact : Minacious Isle Fire Torch Stars Puzzle :-

A first torch is exactly close to the chest and is located northwest of a puzzle platform. Just on the highest point of the island, to the northeast, stands the second torch. Southwest of the first torch and across from it is the third torch. A whirlpool to the left of an isle has bubbles popping all around it. Embark aboard our ship and enter the whirlpool without delay.

We will be led to a cave where there are fish and mushrooms, and there is a sizable Hydro slime there. After we vanquish it, look at the stone tablet that mentions an astrologer who desires a greater vantage point from which to watch the stars.

The grate adjacent to it will be opened by the pressure plate. Do not be concerned about the grate closing behind us as we enter. By interacting with the room’s stone tablet, a path out is available. After allocating time to 1:00 am and removing the debris from the tablet’s vicinity. Stepping on the pressure plate will cause water to rise and take us to vines and a now grate of a ceiling.

There is a lavish chest hidden beneath the vines. Take it so we won’t have to return later as I did. The final touch is also visible to the left of the chest.

Another option is to scale the wall and exit the room, then turn to the right. We must be able to see the final torch if we look into the water-filled room, whether or not we have the elemental sight. We ought to be able to get the gorgeous chest of a puzzle after lighting the final lamp. Although at first, it might seem like such a lot of work, the opulent chest made the effort at least partially worthwhile.

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