Solve the Astral Puzzle 3 Genshin Impact

Solve the Astral Puzzle 3: If you are looking for a guide on how to solve the Astral Puzzle 3, then you have got into the right place. In this article, we have mentioned the easiest trick to solve it, which surely is going to bring you out of it easily.

The locations of the Phantasmal Conch in this domain, solutions to the Ancient Azure Stars missions and Astral Puzzles, how to explore the mirage, how to pass the Challenge of the Starry Sky, how to take the destiny, and much more, are all available in this article, which is going to be so beneficial for the gamers out there in Solve the Astral Puzzle 3.

Steps to Solve the Astral Puzzle 3 in Genshin impact:

Solve the Astral Puzzle 3 Genshin Impact

With various ways available for the same and without wasting much time, let’s start with the solutions or methods available:

1. Try collecting the asterism shards by going through the mirage in Solve the Astral Puzzle 3.

2. After you are done with the first step, approach the first constellation lamp available. You have to solve the first Stardshadow Lamp that is located in front of the first constellation.

3. Now the Asterism Shards that you have gathered have some use here, as now you have to match those shards with the First Constellation.

4. Keep running in the game now after you are done and stop when and where you find the next set of lights.

5. Solve the astral puzzle number 1 by synchronizing the visible constellation in the sky with the working lights on the ground.
To turn the devices into the constellation, rotate each one after lighting it up with any assault.

Next Steps for the puzzle:

6. The exquisite chest has the fourth asterism shard, which has to be with you now, so collect it and if you are lucky enough, you will get the fourth asterism shard in Solve the Astral Puzzle 3.

7. Keep Following the Stranger Star: When the exquisite chest is opened, the appearing star will take you to the main room.
The Star needs to be behind you every time, and you need to transport it to the centre.

8. Go to dive in the water: Star gets into the middle, gets into the water to start diving, and gets transformed into another dimension.

9. Keep following the destination: Without losing sight of the star, keep moving to the destination as you are proceeding in the right direction.

10. Beat the Starry Sky Challenge: With the last step, shooting stars need to be avoided to complete the Challenge of the Starry Sky in under one minute with a target of hitting the limit of just 30. The bullet hell can make you lose here.

The Second Part: To Solve the Astral Puzzle 3:

Solve the Astral Puzzle 3

1. A hint is hidden in Minacious Isle: after collecting four of them, go for the fifth Asterism Shard and get to this location to start Part 2 of the quest.

2. Second Constellation The Map is your next destination. Run at your best to the second Stardshadow Lamp in front of the constellation.

3. Asterism The Shards need to be matched with the Horned Constellation: the two shards on the upper and lower slots form the second constellation.

4. Solve the Astral Puzzle 2

Part 3 of the puzzle:

1. Hint in the next Asterism Shard

2. Search for the third mirage door there.

3. And you will get the instructions to solve the puzzle there.

4. The Astral Puzzle 3 is solved.

How to Find the Hint to Solve the Astral Puzzle 3?

Providing a second indication Although Astral Puzzle isn’t explicitly shown, you can contact the star for assistance by touching the star wall. By doing so, the star will appear and point in the direction of the ceiling suggestion.

The left light will always connect to the very top device if you do this since the left-most light device can pass through the middle-left light!

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