Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022: Get The Rewards & Event Cards!

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022: A Summer Sonnenwende Eventc (Solstice Event) in Destiny 2 will begin on July 19, 2022 means Today. A few things will be different this time, in addition to the well known, bright armour decorations that Guardians can obtain there every year. For our convenience, MeinMMO has outlined the initial leaks and illustrated what the guardians might anticipate from the Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022 event.

The moment Sonnenwende Event (Solstice Event) is traditionally celebrated in the European Air Zone of Destiny 2 every summer. Space grandmother Eva Levante is responsible for planning the celebration and assigning assignments to the guardians. After signing in, Guardians will also discover the tower specially decorated, but also receive summery things to play for.

The Sonnenwende armor’s bright decorations are always in high demand, as are the extremely rare cosmetics which wash up on Eververse’s sparkling dust beach.

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022: What Is Sonnenwende of Heroes Event?

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022

The Sonnenwende of Heroes, often known simply as Sonnenwende, is just a celebration for Guardians & their achievements over the course of the previous year in Destiny 2. Celebrating the Traveler’s return now since we defeated Ghaul there in Red War campaign, the event started after Destiny 2’s first year.

It happens in the Last City. This year there is a lot to be thankful for after we crushed Savathun with in Witch Queen extension. Typically, the focus of the event is just the European Aerial Zone, a region that is only accessible during Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022 and where participants attempt to kill as many bosses as they can in order to acquire keys and other rewards.

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022: What Is The Change In Sonnenwende 2022?

Bungie has planned the following modifications in addition to eliminating heroes from the Sonnenwende and changing its name to just Sonnenwende

Beginning on Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022 would formally unveil its brand new Event Map, which will precisely chart our progress across all upcoming events. Additionally, participants will be able to acquire an event seal and title throughout the Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022 event after that. There won’t be any Sonnenwende (Solstice Event) armor quests left to finish. Players now complete so-called event tasks by gathering keys or packages.

The upgradeable Sonnenwende armor will let Wardens rearrange their stats. Additionally, there will be a brand new event called the Campfire Party in the well-known European Air Zone. The guardians are instructed to create a sort of paracausal campfire in this location, and it nearly sounds as though there might be a horde mode with ever more challenging waves.

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022 Release Date:-

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende

Sonnenwende (Solstice) will be included in Season 17 and launch on Today (July 19) according to a This Week Since Bungie blog post from the developers. At 6 pm BST/10 am PT/1 pm ET on that day, it will start simultaneously with the week-after-week reset. With the release of patch 4.1.5, expected the servers to just go offline for maintenance.

If past events give any indication, this one will likely last about a month and coincide with the end of The season of the Haunted as well as the beginning of Season 18.

Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022: Event Card & Rewards:-

The Event Card is a brand new feature in Destiny 2 that debuts with Destiny 2 Sonnenwende 2022. All indications point to this being a battle pass style event add-on that will have additional cosmetic prizes in addition to Event Challenges, Event Seals or Titles to gain, and Event Rewards to fulfill. While a few in the community have said it adds to Destiny’s perplexing monetization structure, the Event Card would cost players 1000 Silver and will deliver rewards reaching about 3000 Silver, making it perfect for hardcore players.

The card can be viewed by visiting Eva or even in the Quests menu, according to a recent blog post by Bungie. As part of the premium incentives for the event, Bungie has promised a new Ghost Shell and an emote called the Hot Dog Eating Champ.

If we’ve ever had Sonnenwende armour but were unable to fully upgrade it, you may be relieved to learn that Bungie is redesigning the system so you will only be able to improve a single armour set and no longer have to move between various stages of armour whenever you level up.

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