Genshin Broken Isle Conch: How To Access & Get Conch Hidden In Broken Isle?

Genshin Broken Isle Conch: A Golden Apple Archipelago is now brimming with tonnes of buried treasure thanks to Genshin Impact’s return. Conches and loot-filled boxes are spread around the various islands as these prizes. To finish the newest side event in the game and receive a free skin for four-star character Fischl, explorers must gather these conches. In order to obtain this skin, players will unquestionably want to capture as most of these conches as they want to.

Players can find new conches every day during the Archipelago, while the Imaging Conch from the third day is concealed here on Broken Isle. A detailed solution to a Pyro Monument puzzle, which opens the Genshin Broken Isle Conch, is provided here.

Central Camp Image 2 is another name for the Genshin Broken Isle Conch. Only on Day 3 of a 2.8 Archipelago, following the conclusion of Xinyan’s event quest, is it made available.

Genshin Broken Isle Conch: About Broken Isle:-

Genshin Broken Isle Conch

A lot of information about Genshin Broken Isle Conch as well as the Mirage Domain is revealed by the Blazin’ Trails quest of Genshin Impact. One of these leads to a riddle and a significant collection, while another is a bizarre tunnel. By switching to the Tall Mountain Style using Xinyan’s Drum and resolving a Pyro Monument riddle on Broken Isle’s southwest coast, we can obtain the Genshin Broken Isle Conch.

Genshin Broken Isle Conch: How To Get Broken Isle?

We must advance farther in the Blazin’ Trails quest until we are able to alter the mountain style and height in order to obtain that Genshin Broken Isle Conch.

The main drum down the shore is then available for interaction. Check to see if the mountain near the main continent has shrunk from its previous size. Closer inspection reveals a tunnel that descends even further. We can see Pyro totem plus four torches halfway down. The totem should be ignited first, then the torches using a Pyro character. The water will slightly drain as a result.

Genshin Broken Isle Conch: How To Complete The Puzzle?

Genshin Broken Isle Conch



Because we’ll have to light up multiple torches inside the area including a Pyro totem, solving this problem is simple if we have a Pyro character on our party. The torches of the first totem are simple to locate, and once they are lighted, a small amount of water will drain, allowing us to move forward.

The only way to get the water out of the cavern is to move through the cave or light every torch we come across. Don’t be scared to swim all across the water to find some of the lamps because they are partially submerged and barely visible. We must enter the door on the opposite end of the cave to access the final torch, which is concealed there.

When we first enter the water-filled tunnel, the first torch is to we left. Next to the totem is a second torch. Inside the tunnel behind the totem where the third torch is located to the left of a wooden pathway. Once we enter the space via the mirage door, we will find the fourth torch there. We will initially appear in the gated, underground research facility. Here, we can turn on the torch by pressing the switch. When finished, cast Pyro on the totem to turn it on and completely drain the room of water.

In Genshin Impact, we can now obtain the Genshin Broken Isle Conch. It is close to the Melodic Harp device/puzzle. In Genshin Impact, there’s a strong possibility we have already gathered enough Phantasmal Conches to unlock Fischl’s alternate attire.

Genshin Broken Isle Conch: How To Access Imaging Conch Hidden In Broken Isle?

We need to finish Xinyan’s Blazin’ Trials mission in Genshin Impact before we can access an Imaging Conch buried on the Genshin Broken Isle Conch. We can travel to a Broken Isle to find this conch after doing this straightforward task. After doing the previous mission, we can go to the Stirring Strings on Genshin Broken Isle Conch to interact with it, which will allow us to alter the islands’ topography down to their lowest point.

The islands would condense after this is finished, and a space will become available on the island’s western side. Complete the puzzle by going into the section that is exposed. We can proceed to a new region on the island’s west side once the island has been reduced in size. There is a cave in this region that will take you underground to a riddle.

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