New AMR Gun Location: How To find Lynx AMR sniper rifle?

New AMR Gun Location: As the BGMI 2.1 update has been live in July month, many new skins, weapons and guns have been unvaulted in BGMI 2.1, the location of the new Lynx AMR Gun has been unknown yet for many BGMI users. Follow through this New AMR Gun Location – How To find new Lynx AMR sniper rifle gun in BGMI/PUBG article to get to know more about the newly released Lynx AMR gun on BGMI.

The new sniper gun Lynx AMR is gonna be an absolute beast for all the BGMI fans, as the Lynx AMR is a .50 calibre, a first of its kind from PUBG.

The new sniper rifle weapon Lynx AMR gun has already been unvaulted and added to BGMI 2.1 supply crate. The speciality of this new Lynx AMR gun on BGMI 2.1 is that the damage power is a high voltage, and the speed of the Lynx AMR is a boost in BGMI 2.1 update. BGMI 2.1 new sniper rifle Lynx AMR gun is more effective than the already existing BGMI guns.

The speciality of the new Lynx AMR gun is all about its high voltage damage power, along with the best fire rate amongst the other BGMI 2.1 weapons and skins. New Lynx AMR gun weapon uses ammo in the form of AWM.

New AMR Gun Location – How To find a new Lynx AMR sniper rifle gun in BGMI/PUBG

New AMR Gun Location

As the new Lynx AMR weapon gun is unleashed to BGMI 2.1 item shop, the Lynx AMR gun is only available in supply crates. Usually, the new Lynx AMR weapon gun in BGMI 2.1 update usually spawns in the care package of Miramar.

However more locations of BGMI new Lynx AMR gun are set to be updated soon from Krafton as the BGMI 2.1 update progresses.

New Lynx AMR Gun – How To Use BGMI 2.1 Lynx AMR gun?

The new Lynx AMR sniper rifle gun is already available in supply crates through the BGMI 2.1 update, as told this highly prolific Lynx AMR gun possesses several features, skills and attributes, as even a level 3 Helmet can be annihilated with this Lynx AMR gun.

An exclusive Ammo like AWM is being used for this newly added BGMI 2.1 Lynx AMR sniper gun rifle weapon. 

So here’s the best way to find and use the Lynx AMR gun in BGMI 2.1

new Lynx AMR sniper rifle gun in BGMI

Firstly you must head over to acquire the Lynx AMR sniper from the training ground, also get to know the gameplay of the newly added Lynx AMR from YouTube channel videos.

This beast Lynx AMR is highly potent with explosive damage power and fire rate, only trigger and fire bullets from AMR BGMI 2.1 gun for 3 times and not more than that. New Lynx AMR gun requires proper aim and accuracy as it boasts high recoil after the BGMI 2.1 update.

That’s all about this newly introduced BGMI 2.1 Lynx AMR gun and its gameplay, go and acquire this beast of a weapon from BGMI 2.1 version of the game. Everything about the Lynx AMR BGMI weapon has been mentioned above.

BGMI 2.1 updates have come up aplenty with many skins and guns, the existing sniper rifles are also facing stiff competition from this newly launched Lynx AMR gun weapon.

So through this article at GA, we have mentioned all about the BGMI 2.1 Lynx AMR sniper rifle gun weapon, its location, and skills, also how to use the new Lynx AMR gun, and its gameplay for BGMI 2.1 Update.

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