BGMI C3S7 RP: Release Date, Price & Rewards All Info!!

BGMI C3S7 RP: The first Royal Pass of a 2.1 version update the BGMI C3S7 RP of seasons, in which the players will witness M13 will be introduced by BGMI. Exo Genesis is the M13 RP’s official moniker. This new approach provides users with double the prizes that they used to obtain in the former system.

M13, the forthcoming RP, is also not an exception. The creators are returning with more interesting and fascinating rewards and skins, BGMI C3S7 RP.

BGMI C3S7 RP Release Date:-


All of us are wondering when BGMI C3S7 RP will start and when it is available. The Present M12 Themed Royale Pass was completed on July 17 methods today, leaving the RP region fixed until July 18. On July 19, 2022, at 7:00 am IST, the approaching M13 Royale Pass will open up in the game.

BGMI C3S7 RP Price:-

The BGMI C3S7 RP may be purchased for 360 UC in-game using the BGMI currency. The following option for the 960 UC is also available and comes with a wide range of advantages. We will receive a discount of 60 UC if we already hold Season 7 of Cycle 3 of the previous season pass.

Don’t forget to use our 100 UC discount coupon from the BGMI Anniversary present if we want further savings. Each player receives a discount coupon worth 100 UC during the BGMI Anniversary Event.

BGMI C3S7 RP Rewards:-

• Fashionable Hiker Set and Carnivorous Mini 14.

• Hiker Cover Trendy.

• Untamed rave helmet

• Like Dance, RP Avatar (M13), and High-Tech Ornament.

• Emote, which can be found under the free RP option.

• Phantom Lover and Chick Pea Smoke Grenade are also used. which may be found on the free RP tab is Parachute.

• The free RP tab’s Football Star Cover is available.

• Located on the free RP tab is the Football Star Set.

• Nostrum Terror Emote and Corrosive Marsh Plane Finish.

• The Steam Gear MK47 that is listed under the free RP tab

• Customise Status: Royale Pass.

• M762 Golden Rose.

BGMI C3S7 RP About 1 To 50 Rewards:-

BGMI C3S7 RP Rewards

A Trendy Hiker Set will be given to a player at the M13 royal pass’s initial rank. Although it doesn’t seem great, it also doesn’t seem very unusual. Players can also choose the Carnivorous Mini14, a Mini14 DMR finish.

Players will receive both the RP1 outfit and the Trendy Hiker cover headpiece at level 5. The Wild Rave helmet, which has a stunning appearance, is what players gain form RP10. It goes perfectly with the RP50 suit the gamers will ultimately acquire.

Pink and blue make up the helmet’s color scheme. Players will pay 15 RP to obtain the avatar associated with the clothing they will receive for 50 RP. A highly stunning adornment called the “Hi-Tech ornament” will also be given to them. It’s a tiny ornament with blue color and a microchip theme. This can be attached to backpacks. 

When a player reaches RP rank 20, they will be given a Chick Pea smoke grenade skin. It is the smoke grenade’s skin that has been tinted green with peas. Because of its tint, it will easily fit in with the surroundings.

At RP level 30, players will be able to reach the Corrosive Marsh plane. It is a very lovely airplane skin. Players will also get a mythic in-game emote when they reach this RP level. The legendary emote is known by the name Noctum Terror. Steam Gear – MK47, the legendary MK47 assault rifle skin, will be given to every player that achieved that M13 Royal Pass above rank 35.

This skin is perfect for any MK47 user. The background of the players’ status plazas will likewise be distinctive. Only Royal pass owners are allowed to utilize them. It is a completely new aspect of the game.

The Berryl M762 skin may be found on rank 40 of the M13 Royal Pass. The name of the skin is Golden Rose – M762. We’ll update the story as soon as we obtain new information.

The M762 skin, one of the nicest in the game, boasts superb texturing. Players that enjoy close fighting will definitely be pleased with the outcome. Players can buy this famous M13 Royal Pass gear for 50 RP.

The outfit’s name is Noctum Terror Set, and RP15 tier players will get its avatar icon. It is colored blue and purple. Players will also get the magnificent Noctum Terror helmet. This outfit is rated in the top 50 rank costumes among the annual Royal Passes.

BGMI C3S7 RP: Whats New In BGMI C3S7 RP?

Users will also receive Adventure Tokens, which they may use to participate in a mini-adventure game. There will also be other rewards from prior seasons that may be redeemed at the Adventure Shop. Finally, fresh Mecha Sanctum Sets will be redeemable as well.

Users may also purchase these ranked prizes by purchasing RP rank-up cards, which allow users to rank up to 10 RP levels at once and cost 1000 UC apiece.

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