Where to find Eggs in Genshin Impact: Best Places for Bird Eggs Ingredients in Genshin Impact 2022!

Where To Find Eggs In Genshin Impact: Eggs are the most commonly used ingredients for cooking as recipes on Genshin Impact, the bird eggs are used on Genshin Impact to cook the teyvat fried egg and a lot more. But where are the eggs and the location of the eggs in Genshin Impact is what the question is all about, Where To Find Eggs In Genshin Impact guide will help you with all the eggs locations on Genshin Impact.

Finding bird eggs and farming is not an uphill challenge in Genshin Impact, as the bird eggs have mostly been seen and found in wild regions like teyvat in Genshin Impact, another way to get the bird eggs is by getting it from draff in Genshin Impact.

So the bird eggs in Genshin Impact 2.8 are found at Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma from these locations of Genshin Impact map regions, the bird eggs are seen everywhere around mountains, hills, roofs, and nests in these areas of the Genshin Impact.

But everyone’s go-to way to get bird eggs is by buying them from draff’s store at Springdale, Mondstadt of Genshin Impact. The bird eggs are available at all of these locations on Genshin Impact, where two to three bird eggs are easily obtainable.

Where To Find Eggs In Genshin Impact – Bird Eggs Location!

Where to find Eggs in Genshin Impact

The famous food ingredient bird eggs are available at several key map locations on Genshin Impact. Let’s look at the location of bird eggs.

Liyue, Inazuma Mondstadt, these places usually contain 3 bird eggs, the bird eggs may well be mountain regions, hills, nests, roofs, and rooftops of these Genshin Impact locations.

The draff shop at Springdale, Mondstadt is the go-to place for all Genshin Impact gamers to buy the bird eggs always. At Mondstadt windwail highland, galesong hill, brightcrown mountains have all the best Genshin Impact Bird Eggs.

Lisha, Minlin, and Sea of clouds have many bird eggs in Liyue.

In all these regions on the Genshin Impact map, two to three pairs of bird eggs are easily available everywhere on hills, nests, roofs, tops, mountains, etc.

Where to find eggs in Genshin Impact – Bird Eggs farming location!

So once done with finding bird eggs location, it’s time to farm the bird eggs on Genshin Impact. Three major spots in the Genshin Impact map Locations are always available to farm the bird eggs with the best productive results in return.

Farming the Bird Eggs at the Huaguang Stone Forest area will result in around 10 bird eggs for cooking recipes on Genshin Impact.

Similarly, the wangshu inn roof has around 8 bird eggs, farm your bird eggs over there.

And finally, the starfell lake of Genshin Impact place can be used to farm bird eggs, with a possible 6-7 bird eggs daily and regularly, and then go on with your bird eggs ingredients for cooking.

Where To Find Eggs In Genshin Impact – Bird Eggs Location and Price!

find Eggs in Genshin Impact

Apart from these locations on Genshin Impact, it you are able to spend 200 mota for all eggs every day, then locate yourselves to the pond region of Springvale, Mondstadt at the map, and a maximum of 5 bird eggs per day can be obtained at the draff’s shop of Springvale with 200 Mora per every bird egg.

Where To Find Eggs In Genshin Impact – Best Food Recipes to Cook on With Bird Eggs Ingredients!

Once bird eggs location on Genshin Impact is found and obtained, use the bird eggs alongside these foods, Victorious Legend, Imported Poultry, Faith Eternal, Teyvat Fried Egg are the Genshin Impact foods recipes that go well with the bird eggs ingredients going forward.

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