Monster Truck Location In BGMI: PUBG/BGMI Monster Truck Location 2022!

Monster Truck Location in BGMI: As every BGMI fan knows that with the advent of the v0.19.0 BGMI update, the new livik BGMI map was added to the game. And a brand new and exclusive track was also added to BGMI’s new livik map. So where’s the BGMI Monster located in BGMI maps? Find it here through our next exclusive GA article.

With the advent of the monster trucks, every BGMI player’s mobility and movement got progressed rapidly. With many benefits through the BGMI Monster truck, the monster truck has been located at various BGMI spots.

The 4 seater monster BGMI truck on livik map has always been awesome and amazing, as the monster truck also has a special feature and ability to spawn around in other various spots of BGMI maps. Here’s an exclusive and complete location guide to the Monster Truck Location in BGMI.

Monster Truck Location in BGMI – Where to locate the BGMI/PUBG Monster Truck?

Monster Truck Location in BGMI

As told the monster truck in BGMI has always been an exquisite truck vehicle with many amenities for all the BGMI gamers. Sometimes riding the BGMI Monster Truck can also be dangerous at crucial and last stages of the BGMI game. The BGMI Monster truck is located on the livik map at some parts.

Northeast of Holdhus 

The big BGMI desert sand terrain town holdus has this amazingly maneuvering monster truck vehicle available in it with the constructions and features also of the map Miramar. The BGMI truck vehicle is at northeastern part of the Holdhus.

Northeast of Aqueduct

The hilly region Aqueduct on BGMI livik map has one monster truck being spawned at the 2 o clock direction.

Southeast of Iceborg 

The northeastern pole of the BGMI livik map, easily the ice region part of BGMI also has another monster truck for all the BGMI fans over there.


Outside the wall of the BGMI livik map’s gronhus town, there’s a monster truck found.

Lupin Felt

The western part of the BGMI Lupin felt has one or two monster trucks available at outside the small house in the 11 o clock direction.

Other than these places of Monster Truck, the crab Grass and power plant part of the BGMI livik map has also had 2-3 monster trucks based on the trucks’ spawning abilities.

About the Monster Truck in BGMI

Monster Truck Location in BGMI

The BGMI through the new livik map had also introduced a brand new truck named monster truck for all the BGMI gamers to increase and facilitate their mobility. The fast paced monster truck with 4 wheels and seats is always mesmerizing to play on the BGMI game.

The Monster Truck in BGMI can easily hop and move around the hills, dunes, jungles, forests, mountains, and various parts of the BGMI map regions.

What’s special about this monster truck on BGMI is that its 4 big and larger tires have always been a rock pillar to be dealt with, it’s more powerful than the other BGMI vehicles.

Monster Truck’s durability, endurance, and mobility have stood out and top notch. A kick-ass monster truck has always been found here at these BGMI map locations, which have also been mentioned above. So you may all get and find the monster truck of BGMI on these areas easily when they spawn around there.

Monster Truck BGMI

The BGMI Monster truck vehicle is best used for its maneuverability and mobility by all the BGMI gamers. Use it to fast travel across all your BGMI missions, games and challenges.

More about the BGMI monster truck will be updated and posted over here. Till then keep checking on this monster truck location in the BGMI article here at Gaming Acharya.

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