Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2: Where to Find It?

Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2: Looking for every bobblehead spot in Destiny 2? Keep an eye out for: You might come across a bobblehead that resembles the former emperor of the Cabal while exploring the eerie depths of the Leviathan during the Season of the Haunted. There are currently four to gather, and you’ll require all of them to achieve the victory required to earn that season’s crown.

With each weekly reset, more bobbleheads will be introduced, much like with prior season collectibles. I’ll make sure to update this guide as new ones are added. The four original Calus bobblehead locations from Destiny 2 are listed below, along with any additional content that has been included as a result of the weekly Sever activities Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2.

Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2 Locations:

Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2

So far, six Destiny 2 bobbleheads have been released. Scroll through each image gallery to help you find them precisely, and use the nav bar to jump to the one you’re looking for.

Only after finishing tier III of the Nightmare Containment event will you be able to access the box that contains the bobblehead. You’ll need to try again if not Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2.

What is Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2?

Head to the farthest right side as you enter the Royal Pools. A hole that descends onto a ship can be found inside the lengthy area with the pillars. You’ll ultimately reach the bobblehead if you continue down the hallway.

This is undoubtedly the simplest. Look behind the enormous statue of Calus that is on the platform at the gardens’ center to find the bobblehead.

The Sever (Shame) task is where you can find this bobblehead. One of the demands is that you grab a wrench and use it to turn off an electricity wall that is in the way of one of the switches.

How to Complete Catharsis Quest Destiny 2?

You may discover the bobblehead at the top of the room by climbing up after jumping along the pipes on the right side of the room when you enter the one with the switch.

Finding this one is not too difficult. Enter the Server (Reconciliation) task, set up the initial beacon, eliminate the arc batteries, and then scurry down the vents until you emerge into a hallway Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2. Now turn right and proceed to the third vent entrance. You can discover the Calus bobblehead on your left if you crawl up through it.

This week’s one is also simple! In the new Sever Grief task, a series of doors will open in front of you once you plant the first amplifier. The Calus bobblehead is easily located by turning left, moving forward a short distance, and looking behind the container to the right in Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2.

Ways to make Catharsis Destiny 2 process easy:

Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2

You’ll need to progress through the Sever (Forgiveness) action until you locate the amplifier right after meeting Zavala in order to find this bobblehead. A long, pipe-like room will be your first stop. Move through it till you have to jump up to a platform with two spherical tanks on the right side (it is not far). A cunning Calus bobblehead can be seen if you look up to your right and between the tanks Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2.

After disabling the electric barrier and descending into the Sever (Rage) action, you’ll find a manual override switch in a room where an Unrelenting Nightmare will materialize and begin pursuing you. Continue through this area and take a left turn onto a passageway that slopes downward. till you reach the following, keep going straight.

For this one, you need to complete Sever resolve and burn the Unrelenting Nightmare to remove the confining forcefield.

Once you have passed two of the large fans in the room, turn to your left and look up to see a platform. When you climb up onto it, a small room with what appears to be collapsed shelves will be revealed in Catharsis Bobblehead Destiny 2. To see the Calus bobblehead, go to the extreme end and gaze down to the right.

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