Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 : Next New Quest Is Coming?

Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 : The island should be secure after the Zero Point was freed and the IO was exiled at the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. The Seven may have needed to give their strategy a little more thinking given that it appears as though other dimensions are beginning to converge that with island as well as a certain Sith Lord too is making a visit.

If we were under the impression that Fortnite was only about crossovers and obtaining Victory Royales, the Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 provide an insight into the game’s ongoing lore, and it’s a very real thing. Additionally, if we’re trying to finish this Chapter 3 Season 3 battle pass, they’re an excellent source of XP. The Vibin’s missions must be completed in order, unlike the weekly seasonal challenges. The missions didn’t appear on Tuesday at their customary hour.


Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 : Explained:-

The Fortnite Vibin’ Quests and rewards listed below are all now active and will be so until Chapter 3 Season 3 ends on Saturday, September 17. The Vibin’s quests are broken up into parts, each of which has a separate set of difficulties.

Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4
Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4

Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4: When Will The Next Quest Come?

On Tuesday, July 5, The Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 was supposed to be live. The next Vibin missions will instead launch on Wednesday, July 6, as the weekly update appears to have been delayed by a day. The update, which includes new Vibin quests, has been postponed by one day, according to a number of trustworthy leakers and insiders. This hasn’t been confirmed through any official Fortnite channels.

The quest center menu just displays a countdown until the release of Part 5 Vibin tasks, there seem to be no Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 challenges to be found there. Although Part 5 appears to be planned for Tuesday, July 12 at 2 p.m. (BST), this could change following the following update.


Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4: How To Complete The Quest?

These are the tasks of we can say the level to complete the Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4. See all the tricks to complete the Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4.

#1. Damage Opponents While in a Vehicle (250) :

In order to complete the objective kick things off, we must be driving a car and dealing damage to our opponents. As we spin away from of the storm, keep an eye out for any threats and be sure to select a mid to long-range weapons we feel comfortable using, such as an assault rifle.

#2. Destroy Structures with an E-11 Blaster Rifle (15) :

In fact, the area of The Joneses illustrated on the above map’s northeastern corner is where we should land since it features a small cabin or a chest that might contain the E-11 Blaster. We can finish the challenge after getting the weapon by simply destroying 15 structures with it.

Use the Grapple Glove to Swing Off Trees
Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4

#3. Knock Down Timber Pines with a Ripsaw Launcher (5) : 

The Ripsaw Launcher is located in a sizable warehouse in the northern part of the area, which we must travel to in order to finish this task. To complete this quest, go to Logjam Lotus and then use the Ripsaw Launcher to cut down trees there. A Ripsaw Launcher can also be discovered in crates scattered over the map.

#4. Mantle Onto an Edge Within 3 Seconds of Sliding (3) : 

There are several locations where we can finish this task, but going to the gas station will make it simpler for us. These can be found all over the map, including one that is situated exactly to the northeast at Rocky Reels. To finish this objective in three seconds, just slide through the section with gas pumps and afterward rapidly jump up to the roof above.

#5. Plant a Reality Seed at Sunflower’s Saplings or at Fungi Farm (1):

Fortnite’s Fungi Farm & Sunflower Saplings on a map. We’ll need to acquire a Reality Seed for this task, as we discussed on our week 0 quest guide. Once you’ve located one, go to the Fungi Farm or the Sunflower Saplings & plant a Seed there.

#6. Search Chests or Ammo Boxes at Crashed IO Airships (2) :

The island’s crashed IO airships are seen on the map above. We must access two ammo boxes or chests at any of the aforementioned places in order to finish this challenge. Keep in mind that it is cumulative and doesn’t have to be finished in a single match.

#7. Travel 500 Meters in the Slipstream Around Rave Cave (500) : 

Landing within the Slipstream as fast as a match begins will allow us to fulfill this challenge in the simplest method possible. It’s ideal if you land on the southwest side of the stream. If we position ourselves there at beginning of the Slipstream, which is present all throughout Rave Cave, we should be able to float to the north side of this region.


Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4: Why The Next Is Not Showing?

We don’t need to be concerned about our game having bugs or anything similar. Since the missions were merely postponed to match with the impending patch 21.20, which would be scheduled to release on Wednesday, there is nothing users can do about it. We are aware that the Fortnite Vibin Quests Part 4 for this week are still unavailable. They will be included in our upcoming update v21.20 this week, we’ll specify the timing later today.

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