Fortnite Magic The Gathering: Secret Lair x Fortnite Crossover 2022!

Fortnite Magic The Gathering – Magic: Gathering Fortnite secret lair x crossover cards is live on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. As IGN received an ample amount of supplies from wizards of the coast the Fortnite Magic secret gathering lair with crossover cards is also available now. More on Fortnite Magic The Gathering here at Gaming Acharya.

Like the previous season, the gathering is most likely to continue its 2 crossover cards as a part of the usual wizards of the coast secret lair. The Fortnite Magic The Gathering will be bringing new cards which will also be reprinted once. Also Fortnite Magic The Gathering will see many variants with booster appearances.

Fortnite Magic The Gathering on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has two drops in the form of Secret Lair x Fortnite plus the Fortnite x Secret Lair locations and Landmarks. The primary drop of the Fortnite Magic The Gathering has 7 cards based on Fortnite.

The Cube, Battle Royale, The Battle Bus, Supply Llama, Shrinking Storm, Dance Battle, and Crack the Vault will be the predominant Fortnite art skins on the Fortnite Magic The Gathering crossover.

Fortnite Magic The Gathering – More!

Fortnite Magic The Gathering

As the IGN has had an extraordinary drop of supply at the wizard coasts, Fortnite Magic The Gathering was easily doable to become live.

Magic – The Gathering Secret Lair x Fortnite Crossover Cards

The major two drops of the Fortnite magic the gathering have been given the titles Fortnite x Secret Lair, Fortnite x Secret Lair with its locations and landmarks.

The Main Drop from magic the gathering x Fortnite will feature 7 unique cards reskinned and designed based on Fornite famous arts.

Secret Lair x Fortnite: All Landmarks and Locations

The Magic Gathering Secret Lair x Fortnite crossover drops have these locations and spots, with the forest being the basic land of these secret lair. Followed by Forest the Secret Lair x Fortnite’s other locations have been specified as Mountains, Plains, Island, Swamp and a lot more.

Fortnite Magic The Gathering – Secret Lair x Fortnite crossover drop names!

Fortnite Magic The Gathering

The main and primary drop from the Supply of wizards of coast on Fortnite has 7 unique cards with a name to them in each form.

  • Shrinking storm as the wrath of God
  • The cube as planar bridge
  • Crack the vault as grim tutor
  • Dance battle as dance of Many
  • Battle bus as the smuggler’s copter drop
  • Supply Llama as the etherium sculptor
  • And finally the battle royale in and as the triumph of the hordes

So these are all the major updates of this Fortnite season’s Fortnite Magic The Gathering – Fortnite x Secret Lair crossover event and cards. More about the Fortnite Magic The Gathering will be coming soon from Epic Games.

Not only the Fortnite Magic Gathering x Secret Lair the major talking point amongst Fortnite users.

As the new Indiana Jones skin on Fortnite has also been finally dropped and the Fortnite fans are elated to the core about this new Indiana Jones skin on Fortnite, the Indians Jones skin can easily be attained with the Indiana Jones skin quests on the first page quests of the Fortnite Vibin.

The Indiana Jones Quest Guide has also been updated at our site, do check it out to get all the Indiana Jones related skins and Outfits with the Indiana Jones cosmetics bundle.

Magic: The Gathering Fortnite x Secret Lair Crossover 

That’s a wrap to our article related to magic the gathering Fornite secret lair crossover, more exclusive Fortnite articles are available with a new quest guide. Enjoy this new Fortnite Vibin season, as it offers most rewards and skins than the previous ones.

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