Dehya Genshin Impact Leak: Available New Character in Genshin!

Dehya Genshin Impact Leak: Even though Genshin Impact 3.0 hasn’t been officially revealed players were waiting for Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here, character leaks are becoming more common on social media. Now let’s talk about the Sumerian characters Dehya and Al-Haitham. We will inform you of the facts of the Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here.

What is happening? On the Genshin Impact Leak Subreddit, which is dedicated to giving fans the most recent details on new updates of Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here, characters, and other stuff, more Waifus and Husbandos have now been released.

Seven intriguing new characters that will debut in Genshin Impact with the introduction of the Sumeru region have allegedly been leaked.

This month, travellers have a lot to look forward to. The upcoming update 2.8 will include Heizou, a new character who has quickly gained popularity among players due to his detective job and endearing appearance.

While Heizou’s arrival is fantastic, reports indicate that a group of vibrant new heroes are also on the road.

Dehya Genshin Impact Leak:

Dehya Genshin Impact Leak

Dehya, a new Pyro character in Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here, has been discovered through the speculation of the upcoming Genshin Impact of Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here Sumeru characters. Continue reading for more details about Dehya in Genshin Impact and upcoming Sumeru updates.

Dehya the Pryo cat-eared female was one of the personalities who made waves in the neighbourhood. Many fans have already fallen in love with her and created fan art of her because she is the only tanned-skinned character available, and many more have urged for more representation of dark-skinned characters in the game.

What Is Dehya Al-Haitham in Genshin Impact in Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here?

It’s Dehya here: There has been some Dehya-related information for some time. Players were therefore already aware of her appearance—a tall, tanned woman with cat ears who wields the element of fire. Her other weapon is a large two-handed sword.

There is now a photo of Dehya as well, thanks to the most recent release. The earlier details appear to be consistent with the appearance. She also resembles Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria in terms of her appearance, including her long black hair, crystal blue eyes, and clothes.
Al-Haitham here: Version 3.0 presumably won’t see the direct introduction of Al-Haitham; rather, version 3.1 will mark the release of the feature. This 5-star figure uses Dendro (Gras), and while the nature of their weapon is unknown, it is assumed to be a sword.

Al-Haitham has already generated a lot of excitement in the neighbourhood, and his appearance, in particular, is frequently mentioned. He appeals to a lot of players who speak out against the leaks. He will undoubtedly enrage or please certain Gacha players at level 3.1 in Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here.

Every six to seven weeks, new characters are added to the pool of playable characters in Genshin Impact because of the game’s strict update schedule. There are two distinct banner cycles for each update, each of which introduces a different set of exclusive characters and weaponry.

According to recent Genshin Impact leaks, the brand-new major region Sumeru will likely appear in one of the forthcoming updates. Every new country that joins the game typically delivers a tonne of fresh stuff, including fresh playable characters.

New characters are available now and here of Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here!!

Dehya Genshin Impact Leak

Seven new characters that should appear in subsequent updates are seen in a brand-new Genshin Impact leak. The characters are Tighnari, Collei, Dehya, Alhaitham, Nilou, Dori, and Kusanali, listed from left to right. Three of those seven characters are reportedly going to make an appearance in Genshin Impact Version 3.0.

Tighnari is the only five-star character who will appear on a banner for the update. His unique name is based on an Arab scientist by the name of Al-Tighnari, which makes sense given that Sumeru is thought to be based in the Middle East and that each of the game’s major nations is based on a real-world locale in Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here.

More about the characters easily available Dehya Genshin Impact leak: In terms of his arsenal, Tighnari may use his elemental skill to drop a Dendro bomb that delivers damage over a wide area and puts enemies into a “Chaos” state. Tighnari’s Level 2 Charged Attack requires less time to power up while this field is active. He may “collect the strength of all seeds” during his elemental burst to unleash deadly arrows that harm nearby opponents with Dendro. The damage from the arrows spreads to neighbouring enemies when they strike a target.

Another Dendro user named Collei will make an appearance in the update Dehya Genshin Impact Leak Available Here as the second character. Since she was a part of the official manga for Genshin Impact, there is a lot of information available on this new character. Collei can hurl a boomerang that harms Dendro thanks to her elemental skill.

Similar to Amber’s elemental skill, her elemental burst causes her to drop a tiny mechanical cat companion that explodes. There isn’t a lot of information available right now on the new character Dori, but it is anticipated that she will be an addition to the Electro cast.

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