BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2: Table Topper, Top Fraggers and More

BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2: In this article, you’ll learn about the BGMI Nodwin Lan Event point table week 2 and the overall standings. After all, the top 16 teams advanced to the super weekend, but which teams actually did well? This week, we’re focusing on the point table after super weekend two. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of which teams are in the lead heading into super weekend 3.

BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2: 

BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2

There were a lot of changes in the BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2 as the top teams advanced. However, the top teams were still able to maintain composure. As a result, the points table was updated on Friday to reflect these changes. Here are the top teams in the event. The list is presented in order of appearance in the Week 2 Finals.

The first phase of the LAN event was telecast on Star Sports 2, garnering huge TRP and view numbers. It was also the Launch week of the BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2. The top team from the table received a cash prize worth 50 lakh INR. The team that scored the most points has been named Team Skylightz Gaming. Team Skylightz Gaming has a total score of 103 points after playing 8 matches.

Top 16 Teams Played for Super Weekend

The Nodwin Loco All Stars Invitational took place in Sanhok, Ernagel, and Miramar. A total of 16 teams were invited to play for the title. There were 15 matches played over three days and the winner was TSM who finished with a huge margin of victory. The event features a prize pool of 50 lakh INR.

Nine teams are through to the Super Weekend. Nine of the teams in the League Stage of the event qualified. Nine teams were eliminated during Day 1, including the top-ranked Bigetron Red Aliens. The top-ranked team will compete on Saturday to advance to the super weekend. Four other teams have already qualified, including Knights, MadBulls, Alpha7 Esports, and Ruya Gaming.

Point Table After Super Weekend 2

point table

The BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2 will conclude with Day 4 on Friday, April 5. After an exciting first day, the table is in a much different state on the second day. Teams were much more balanced and adapted to the LAN environment than they were on the first day. The top teams managed to keep their composure and maintain their place at the top of the table. Here is the latest point table.

The BGMI Nodwin Lan Event has become one of the biggest esports tournaments in India. The first two weeks of the tournament saw the best teams in the country competing for the title. The first two weeks of the tournament had several surprises for fans, including the introduction of new teams. The finals of the Nodwin Lan Event were also televised on LOCO, with live streaming.

Overall Standings After Week 2

point table last

The first week of the BGMI Nodwin Lan Event is now complete, and we can look at the overall standings after week two. TSM held the top spot on the point table with 51 points, while Revenant Esports fell to second place with 46 points. Team X Spark and Team Godlike rounded out the bottom three in the overall standings.

Despite these disappointments, the BGMI Masters Series presented by NODWIN Gaming is still on track to have another great event this year. The first week was a success, as the top 16 teams advanced to the Week 2 finals on June 1 – 3. While Team 8Bit and Team Orangutan led the overall rankings table, several other teams failed to make the cut.

Top Fraggers List for Nodwin Lan Event

The competition between teams at the Nodwin LAN event is fierce. However, individual fraggers can give their team an edge over the others. This year’s event featured five of the best fraggers, with Team SouL rescinding their direct invite after they finished sixth overall. The five fraggers are listed below. This list is by no means definitive, but the individual players on these teams all proved to be very strong.

The Nodwin BGMI Masters Series, a 1.5 crore LAN event, is underway. The first day of the competition began on the 27th, and there are already a handful of top teams that have emerged from the chaos. After four games, OR Esports holds the top spot with 58 points, thanks to their third-place finish on the Sanhok map. Second-placed Orangutan Gaming earned 46 points, finishing with 20 eliminations.

Third place goes to Chemin Esports with 36 points, followed by Blind, Skylightz Gaming, and FS Esports. Eighth-placed TSM also had many notable players, as they had a great team composition and were able to balance their playstyle to make sure that they kept a strong lead.


So in this article, we have learned about BGMI Nodwin Lan Event Point Table Week 2, so if you liked this article, then definitely tell us in the comment section.

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