New Falcon Event In BGMI: Get It Free In 1st Anniversary Of BGMI & Other Update!

New Falcon Event In BGMI: With the release of a BGMI 2.1 update, or, as we can say, on the platform’s first birthday. There is a brand new event in the game called the New Falcon Event In BGMI. Those who complete various tasks during the event will receive a free Falcon Companion through PUBG Mobile. This same event can last for a week. The event will begin tomorrow because it is BGMI’s first anniversary, as stated by the organization on its main social media accounts.

According to the statement, there are four separate tasks for participants to finish throughout this event. New Falcon Event In BGMI is a desirable prize that offers a variety of emotes that BGMI can use to make the player more alluring and stunning. Falcon’s emotes scale with our level and are upgraded in the same.

New Falcon Event In BGMI: BGMI 2.1 Update:-

The fourth significant release of the year is the impending 2.1 upgrade. A ton of energy has been created around the update’s delivery as the local area moves toward its one-year point. The July update will presumably be made accessible between July 13 and July 17. However, almost certainly, the update will come on July 15.

Just before the current Royale Pass came to an end, Krafton issued the most current version for BGMI. The aforementioned timetable has been established as a result of the current Cycle 2 Season 6 & Month Twelve Toy World-themed Royale Pass, which will end on July 17.

New Falcon Event In BGMI: How To Get Falcon Companion?

Free Falcon Companion is a brand new event in the most recent version of BGMI Mobile; you can obtain it by completing daily missions, in-game missions, and season missions. It is essentially a summoned pet. There are several online tutorials on how to acquire a Falcon companion in the New Falcon Event In BGMI, and while we personally attempted most of them, none of them were successful for me.

To finish those daily tasks, thus gathered some info online with the aid of YouTube videos and discord servers and verified it later on my own account. Here is my advice To Get Falcon Companions In BGMI Mobile because we now have a pretty solid idea of how this works.

We must successfully complete four separate BGMI Mobile assignments in order to receive a free Falcon Companion. The first job is to unlock crates ten times, the second is to kill ten enemies with an SR/DMR when using a 6X scope, a third is to use an SMG and a 4X scope to kill ten enemies, and the fourth is to use an AR and a 2X scope to kill ten enemies.

PUBG Mobile’s events section has a list of all the missions that can be found there. We can acquire the Falcon Companion absolutely free if we finish all these missions.

New Falcon Event In BGMI: How To Get Free Falcon?

We will first require the game’s currency, which can be bought from any earning app, in order to unlock the falcon for free. We can earn dollars from them and purchase Companion for 1500 dollars by enlisting the aid of any reliable earning source, such as Google Play Extra Credit or Google Play Gift Cards, etc.

This same bonus contest is being revived in the 2.1 upgrade of the New Falcon Event In BGMI, and once it does, we can easily earn a lot of UC besides playing there. Bonus challenges used to be inside PUBG mobile, and we could earn a lot of UC thereby playing. By participating in games in the Bonus Challenge, we can obtain falcon for nothing.

If you don’t understand in para please read this, you will understand. This is a step-by-step process to how we can Falcon in New Falcon Event In BGMI.

• We open your game ID in your BGMI first before playing.

• After that, we will arrive at the game’s lobby and notice the shop symbol; click on it.

• Inside the store, select the bottom option.

• We will find falcon merchandise there; select it.

• We can purchase it there for the current price of 1500 UC, which is up to you.

New Falcon Event In BGMI: Other Update:-

Players can currently play the game uninterruptedly throughout the maintenance window. This makes gaming for them hassle-free. The last few upgrades were outliers to the rule that all periodical updates in BGMI roll out around 11 am IST for AOS users and 4 pm IST for all iOS device owners in India.

As soon as an update is made available to them, players must let their in-game buddies know. If not, they will run into issues playing together since the game forbids players from different versions from doing so. additionally adhering to the standard of earlier releases.

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