Rocket League 7th Anniversary ! New Birthday Ball mode

Rocket League 7th anniversary: So this time in Rocket league they are celebrating their Rocket leagues’ 7th anniversary so most of the players would actually be so excited to know about the Rocket leagues’ 7th anniversary. And if you are one of them who wants to know about Rocket leagues’ 7th anniversary then definitely you are at the right place. Today in this article I will be covering all the necessary details you wanted to know about the Rocket leagues’ 7th anniversary and more other events that will be taking place beside the Rocket leagues’ 7th anniversary.

Rocket League players will shortly be able to fully enjoy two weeks of time-limited modes, unique challenges, and prizes, including rare cosmetic items and experience point payouts, to commemorate the game’s Rocket league seventh anniversary.

Rocket League 7th Anniversary

Launcher League Players may use customizable automobiles and trucks to play soccer in this entertaining and thrilling game. Fans have the option of playing the game socially with their friends or competing against other players in the ranked mode. All fans will be able to receive thrilling rewards and take advantage of limited-time modes during the most recent birthday ball celebration.

What’s new in Rocket League’s 7th anniversary

The fact that Rocket League is now celebrating its seventh anniversary makes it likely that the majority of gamers will be really happy to learn about this. And if you’re one of them interested in learning more about Rocket League’s seventh anniversary, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this post, I’ll go over all the information you needed to know about Rocket Leagues’ seventh anniversary as well as additional activities that will occur in addition to it.

Rocket League’s seventh anniversary is hosting a special in-game celebration to commemorate its seventh anniversary; there is no RSVP necessary. New challenges, time-limited modes, and gifts, including a very unique kind of award that players have never gotten in past events, are all part of Rocket League’s Anniversary Ball event.

Although the game’s anniversary isn’t till July 7, the creator, Psyonix, is starting the celebrations early on July 6. For a thorough description of every item you may anticipate receiving during the Birthday Ball, keep reading.

Rocket League 7th anniversary new challenges

The Anniversary Ball event additionally features challenges with rewards that are unique from previous events. Players will now be able to earn up to 300 Credits for completing event tasks for the first period in Rocket League history. Premium goods may be purchased from the item shop using credits.

Players who accomplish the game’s challenges may win the following prizes in addition to Credits:

Rocket League’s Birthday Ball finishes on July 19, giving participants plenty of time to accomplish tasks and get the event’s free loot. Golden Goat player title Precious Metal avatar borders Golden Eggs, which unlocks designs from the Champions Series 1 through 4.Rocket League 7th Anniversary


Rocket League 7th Anniversary

Rocket League 7th anniversary new events

During the Anniversary Ball event, two time-limited options will be accessible. The first is a novel variant of Heat Seeker that may be played in two-player teams rather than the typical three-player teams. From July 6–13, the tumultuous LTM will take place.

Also returning is the knockout mode, which lets players compete against one other in an 8 free-for-all in which only the best survive. Drivers can participate in vehicular combat in this mode by blocking, attacking, and grabbing other vehicles. But other players aren’t the only ones you need to watch out for; environmental dangers like spikes and lasers may appear somewhat on the field of play, and coming into contact with them will result in elimination if you’re knocked out three times.

New items added in Rocket League 7th anniversary

With the celebration of the rocket league’s 7th anniversary, there is one more thing actually more than one thing. So, while the anniversary Ball event is active, the following products will alternate throughout Rocket League’s item shop:

  • Fennec car (Titanium White)
  • formal decal in style (Fennec)
  • Spyder Anniversary Edition Wheels
  • Anniversary Top Hat Topper Edition

Rocket League 7th anniversary and fall guys collaboration

If you’re anxious to unwrap some free stuff, link your Epic Games account with your Rocket League profile and redeem free eye-catching cosmetics from Rocket League’s partnership with Fall Guys. More information about the event can be found in our rocket league and fall guys collaboration’s article.

Rocket League 7th anniversary Christmas event

Christmas Ball Challenges will also be part of the two-week celebration, and players who complete all of them will receive 300 points. The Golden Goat player symbol, precious metal token border, and other tasks that grant Import Item Drop or 20,000 XP as rewards are also available to players.

The Item Shop will offer two special anniversary goods for sale during the Christmas ball event: a titanium white art poster and a deluxe official art poster. There will be two new golden goods available: Top Hat: Anniversary Edition Topper, Spyder: Anniversary Edition Wheels. In order to get goods from the Champions Series 1-4, players may also acquire Golden Eggs during the event.

The Christmas celebration will be held between July 6 and July 19.

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