BGMI New KD/FD System – How to increase BGMI/PUBG KD 2022!

BGMI New KD/FD System: The KD/FD has always been an important aspect of the BGMI game. KD/FD roughly means kills per death/finish per death BGMI. With a good and increased KD on BGMI, one can level up and progress aggressively on BGMI. So how to increase BGMI KD/FD will be discussed briefly here at GA’s new exclusive BGMI New KD/FD System article below.

KD on BGMI generally means your number of kills and deaths, this KD system ratio on BGMI used to be calculated by equalising the number of kills and deaths of a certain BGMI gamer. So it’s a doable for all BGMI users , as apart from inflicting kills on BGMI games, they just need to withstand till the end and survive, thereby increasing their KD points ratio on BGMI.

But what the BGMI New KD/FD System states is that, now a days with the new BGMI update, the old method to calculate the BGMI KD points has been scrapped, instead one’s KD on BGMI is being calculated by the total number of kills on every BGMI game, which means if you get 10 kills in first match and 8 on second BGMI game, your KD will slightly be reducing as per the new BGMI New KD/FD System protocols.

BGMI New KD/FD System
BGMI New KD/FD System - How to increase BGMI/PUBG KD 2022!

As always the KD points on BGMI will be determining your progression throughout your BGMI career. Here’s the BGMI New KD/FD System and also how can you increment your KD BGMI point ratio.

BGMI New KD/FD System

As said BGMI New KD/FD Ratio system has undergone some transition to it, before a BGMI player could easily increase and improvise his KD ratio on BGMI just by staying intact till the end, but right now the existing BGMI KD ratio will subsequently increase/decrease according to your kills on every game, these are the new changes to the KD ratio points as per the BGMI New KD/FD System.

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BGMI New KD/FD System – How to Increase the BGMI KD ratio?

#1 Proper Aim & Accuracy

Always before any BGMI game, learn to master the aiming shots and perfect accuracy, these Aim & Accuracy tricks are always important on BGMI to progress well, thereby helping you to maintain a stable 6+ BGMI KD ratio.

#2 Weapons

Analyse and use the best BGMI weapons to increase the KD Ratio on BGMI always. AKM & M416 will always be a go to BGMI weapon, if you want to focus on 5+ KD ratio always on the BGMI game.

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#3 Landing Techniques

This Landing is easily the best strategy Going forward to aggravate and improve your BGMI KD ratio, as Landing in an Unknown BGMI area map region, will give you less loot, but the chances of meeting a high prolific BGMI gamer will also be less and you may also find bots BGMI users and killing them will exponentially increase your kills ratio on BGMI. This will result in an increased KD ratio on BGMI considering the BGMI New KD/FD System points.

#4 Attacking

As they say on BGMI attacking has always been the best form of defense to generate more BGMI kills ratio, don’t just always go out on a defensive strategy, just play aggresive and an attacking BGMI playing game to increase your BGMI kills ratio.

More about BGMI New KD/FD System

The above-mentioned deets are the new BGMI new KD/FD System points, to copy up with the BGMI new KD/FD System, follow the tricks which are also mentioned above.

An easy 5+ KD/FD Ratio on BGMI games is easily viable through the above mentioned tips, which will also help one BGMI user to Meet up with that of the BGMI New KD/FD System easily.

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