Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working: 100% Issue Resolved!!

Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working: Rocket League recently launched voice chat and Players while playing rocket league can use the voice chat function that Rocket League launched while engaging in gameplay and that is what makes Rocket League Voice Chat working important. Players could only use text chat prior to the working of the voice chat option in the rocket league game.

The ability to communicate with your teammates using the voice chat option available and working properly now gives you the possibility to plan effective offensive assaults using Rocket League Voice Chat Not working and share outrageous victories with your squad in and after a game in rocket league.

Why Is the Working of Voice Chat Important in Rocket League?

On all platforms, use voice chat to communicate with your pals! Voice chat is completely cross-platform and accessible across all platforms. Team chat and party chat are the two voice chat alternatives offered. In voice chat, you cannot converse with the opposing team. You don’t need to change anything because voice chat is enabled by default. Simply connect in your headset to start a talk.

Step To Enable Voice Chat:

Going to Settings -> Chat -> Voice Chat Settings will make it simple for you to turn off voice chat.

Rocket League Players complained that their voice chat was broken and were facing some issues in Rocket League Voice Chat Working. So, in this article, we’ll explain why and how to fix the Rocket League voice chat Working Issue.

Why Rocket League Voice Chat Is Not Working:

Some of the reasons are:

  • The settings for voice chat are disabled.
  • The volume on your computer or headset is not on.
  • Your microphone is malfunctioning
  • No microphone has access.
  • The most recent version of microphone drivers is not current.
  • other audio input drivers conflict.
  • In the game, you are silenced.
  • Perhaps you have other audio input devices connected.
  • might corrupt game files on your end.

How to Fix the “Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working” Option?

Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working
Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working: 100% Issue Resolved!!

Method 1: Rocket League has voice chat turned on by default. However, there’s a potential that you disabled it.

So, simply verify whether voice chat is turned on or off. Simply select Voice Chat Settings under Settings -> Chat. Just make sure the “Enable Voice Chat” box is ticked; if not, check it.
Check if voice chat is operational right now. If not, try alternative solutions.

Method 2: Increasing PC Volume: There’s a potential that your computer’s volume is off. Just double verify when the PC’s volume is low or off.

If the PC volume is off, turn it on. If the volume is low, turn up the PC volume and check to see if voice chat is functioning. If not, try alternative solutions.

Gave access to the microphone for voice chat?

Method 3: You must first turn on access to the microphone in order to use it. Check to see if you’ve allowed access to the microphone.

How to Check the Access for The Microphone?

Here are the steps for checking the access to the microphone for Rocket League Voice chat working:

  1. access the search bar
  2. In the search, type “settings,” then click “settings.”
  3. Next, select “Privacy & Security” from the left-hand menu.
  4. You may find “Microphone” under “App Permissions” by scrolling down.
  5. Press “Microphone” once.
  6. Check to see if “Microphone Access” is turned on or off now. Make it toggle ON if it is currently off.
  7. Allow Desktop App Access to Your Microphone should also be toggled ON after “Microphone Access” has been turned on.
  8. Rocket League will be listed under “Let Desktop App Access your Microphone” after you toggle it on.
  9. Check if voice chat is operational right now. If not, try alternative solutions.

Method 4: Other Input Devices for working of voice chat should be disabled: Disabling other audio sources can potentially work to solve your Rocket League Voice Chat Working problem. Because several Reddit users mentioned that their voice chat issue was resolved by turning off another audio input device for Rocket League Voice Chat Working.

To disable other audio input devices:

  1. access the search bar
  2. Use the search bar to look up “device management”
  3. Click “Device Manager” at this time.
  4. Disable any audio input devices you don’t wish to utilise by tapping “Audio Input and Output.”
  5. Check to see if the voice chat issue of working has been fixed now.

Method 5: Troubleshooting of Microphone: If the aforementioned changes don’t work, you can attempt troubleshooting your microphone to find the problem. If there was a problem with your microphone, it would be resolved.

How to Diagnose a Microphone?

  1. access the search bar
  2. Click Settings after typing “Settings” into the search box.
  3. Scroll down after selecting settings and select “Troubleshoot.”
  4. Then select “Other Troubleshooters.”
  5. Locate “Recording Audio” by scrolling down.
  6. Next, select the Run button, which is next to “Recording Audio” on the right.
  7. He will now try to identify the issue.
  8. Choose the microphone you want to troubleshoot next. Select every microphone if you’re unsure, then click Next.
  9. It will resolve the microphone problem.
  10. Make sure the voice chat issue has been resolved now.

Method 6: Update Microphone Drivers to enable voice chat: The use of outdated microphone drivers may also be the cause of your microphone’s malfunction. therefore check that they are current

Steps to follow:

  1. access the search bar
  2. Use the search bar to look up “device management”
  3. Click “Device Manager” at this time.
  4. Click or tap “Audio Input and Output.”
  5. One driver at a time, update them.
  6. Check the voice chat issue now.

Method 7: If none of the fixes works, try Unmuting Yourself:
There’s a possibility that either you or your buddies muted you in the game.

Simply unmute yourself to resume voice chat if you’ve been silenced in the game.

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