Fall Guys Crown Clash Rocket League Rewards: Claim Your Reward Here!!

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rocket League Rewards: The first-ever gaming event to feature all three of Epic’s top live-service titles is called Crown Clash. Fall Guys Crown Clash Rocket League is currently running, and by successfully completing in-game tasks, you’ll have the opportunity to receive complimentary aesthetic goodies in Epic’s triple-header of live-service titles as rewards in the Rocket League.

You only need to play Fall Guys in order to get Fall Guys Crown clash rewards in all three, but you must also make sure that your Epic Games login is connected to all the games in order for this to work. This page lists all of the tasks you must do as well as the prizes each game offers for completing every task.

Fall Guys Crown Clash New Update: Crown Clash is live at the moment and will end on July 11. You’ll be able to earn new skins and sprays for Fortnite and Rocket League, as well as new wheels and boosts for Fortnite, whilst the Fall Guys rewards are only limited to Kudos, the game’s gratuitous currency that can be used in the Item Shop. The complete list of rocket league rewards is provided below along with some illustrations so you can see what you’re after.

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rocket League Rewards: New challenges are here

1. Play 10 rounds in any show, including Fall Guys for 300 Kudos, Fortnite for Stacked Spray, and Rocket League for Colorful Canines banner.

2. Play 20 rounds in any show to earn 500 Kudos, the Stacked With Love emoticon from Fortnite, the Colorful Canines topping from Rocket League, or the 500 Kudos for Fall Guys.

3. Play 40 rounds for 800 Kudos, Medium Rare wheels in Rocket League, or any combination thereof.

4. Play 70 rounds in any show for 1000 Kudos, Waffler back jewelry in Fortnite, and an Octane: Cluster Buster decal in Rocket League, respectively.

In rocket league, the challenges are simple and only need a small time commitment, so you can swiftly claim your rewards. Even being the best player is not necessary for success. In Fall Guys, you have a chance to earn all 15 trophies divided across three games even if you lose 100 consecutive games.

We may assume that someday these rewards will be tied to Fall Guys even though they aren’t currently in the way that some fans may have anticipated (I’m still waiting for the Bean back bling, too). Since they will disappear on July 11, enter now to access these bonuses. For 1200 Kudos, a Major Mancake cosmetic in Fortnite, a Fallout boost in Rocket League, or anything else, complete 100 rounds of any show.

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rocket League Rewards: How to earn Free Gifts?

You can earn gifts in all three games thanks to the Crown Clash partnership event between Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League that takes place during the event.

Because the Fall Guys event is only going to last for a short while, it’s important to learn how to obtain Crown Clash goodies as soon as you can, including the Major Mancake cosmetic for Fortnite.

Unlocking Crown Clash rewards in Rocket League: You only need to play Fall Guys in order to unlock Crown Clash rewards for Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League. Once you accomplish each of the event’s challenges, you will receive a reward in each of the three games. The Crown Clash tournament takes place on Wednesday, June 29, and ends on July 11, 2018.

You must connect all three games to the same Epic Games account in order to earn rewards for completing Crown Clash challenges in Fortnite or Rocket League. You are still able to receive the Fall Guys rewards, though.

The minigames you play during a complete match are called rounds. Play rounds to gain Crown Clash rewards across all three games as you don’t need to meet the requirements for one in order to advance in a challenge.

You can advance in the event alone, in a pair, or in a squad because you can earn Crown Clash rewards by taking part in any Show. Even the rotating special show that alternates every few days can be viewed in the “Live Shows” option.

A Crown Clash rewards will become available in Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League once you accomplish one of the game’s challenges. If you’ve linked the three games to the same Epic Games account, they should be automatically added to your account.

Even if the preceding prize hasn’t yet been unlocked, you can still play rounds in Fall Guys while you wait for the awards to be added to your Fortnite and Rocket League accounts, even if there may be a few-hour delay.

To unlock the Crown Clash challenge rewards in Fortnite and Rocket League, players only need to complete the five challenges in Fall Guys. However, players must make sure all three games are linked to the same Epic Games account otherwise those rewards won’t appear in Fortnite or Rocket League. The challenges focus solely on playing rounds in any show, whether that is competing on your own, in a duo, or in a squad, which makes them a lot easier to complete.

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