NBA 2k22 Version 1.13- NBA 2K22 1.13 Update Version & Patch Notes!

NBA 2k22 Version 1.13: The latest news about NBA 2k22 is that a brand new exclusive update version has come out for all the NBA 2k fans. Yes, NBA 2k22 Version 1.13 update and patch notes for the same are out, the NBA 2k22 1.13 version update is set to be available on both current-gen and next-gen NBA 2k consoles. Here’s exclusively an NBA 2k22 article about the NBA 2k22 update 1.13/1.017 version.

As already the Rocket League season 8 is set to be launched, this NBA 2k22 1.13 version update is also coming out as a surprise to all the 2K NBA fans. And the NBA 2k22 1.13 patch is already live for Nintendo Switch, PS 4 &5, Xbox, and other NBA 2k console devices.

Speaking about the file size of the NBA 2k22 1.13 patch update file size, it should obviously vary for all the NBA 2k consoles and devices, ranging from 26GB to 40 GB maximum.

This NBA 2k22 1.13 version update is well and truly a prep up for the NBA 2k22 season 8. But NBA 2k has always been delaying with their patch updates, as this time around.

NBA 2k22 Version 1.13- What’s New?


So speaking about the NBA 1.13 patch updates, there ain’t much to offer for. Only the basic NBA bugs, fixed and stability issues will be updated. The performance of gameplay on NBA 2k22 may be stabilized on NBA 1.13 version.

The NBA 2k22 1.13 version update file size for PS 4 & 5 users will be around 26 GB. Xbox users’ NBA 2k22 1.13 update will be around 40 GB.

So the patch update version 1.13 for NBA 2k22 doesn’t have much scope, but you may definitely expect more in the new 8th season launch of NBA 2k22.

NBA 2k22 1.13 Patch Update Version – Season 8 Updates!

As NBA 2k22 is approaching its inauguration of the 8th season, the delayed patch update 1.13 NBA came as a prelude to the next season’s launch.

What does NBA 2k22 season 8 hold?

Without much doubt, NBA 2k22 season 8 updates will primarily and predominantly focus on MyCareer and MyTeam modes.

During NBA 2k22 season 8, the MyCareer mode will be having new rewards, apparel, outfits, courts, etc. Level 30 of the NBA 8th season will offer you a new Slime Skin. Dash 2K I winged shoes is all yours if you reach level 40 on NBA 2k22 8th season.

MyTeam mode will be having something new for the 8th season of NBA 2k22, as they have planned to bring on the Invincible Dr. J in Token Market, Wilkins, and Jokic to the game. A brand new NBA 2k22 Shaq and Kobe packs are also getting ready to be unleashed through the 8th season of NBA 2k22.

So these are the major changes through the NBA 2k22 season 8 launch, however more updates and rewards regarding NBA 2k22 season 8 shall be coming out later.

NBA 2k22 update version 1.13 Patch Notes

The NBA 2k22 new 1.13 update version and its patch notes are just launched to commemorate the 8th season of NBA 2k22 InStyle, your NBA 2k22 gaming experience is sure to be on a different level through this 1.13 update version.

With the 8th season of NBA 2k22 coming out this Friday, 1st July 2022, NBA 2k22 gamers are already waiting with much hope and excitement, hope NBA 2k offers more in this season so that all the NBA fans and gamers shall play the game with full enthusiasm.

So that’s all about the new NBA 2k22 1.13 patch update version, the improved gameplay on NBA 2k22 through this patch updates will set up the base for the next NBA 2k22 season 8 launch nicely. With more changes and rewards coming up, make sure to enjoy the NBA 2k22 season with full excitement. We shall update more exclusive news on NBA 2k22 soon.

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