Rocket League Checking Privileges- How to Fix Rocket League Server Issues?

Rocket League Checking Privileges: Rocket League gamers have experienced plenty of server issues while trying to log in to Rocket League through their device. Rocket League users are encountering many technical bugs and they are shown with many pop-up texts like Having problems communicating with Epic Online Services. Please try again in a few minutes.”, You are currently not connected to Epic Online Services.

Would you like to Reconnect?” finally one more pop-up error msg while trying to log in on Rocket League is “Checking Privileges”, all these have been irking the Rocket League gamers and they felt disgusted too. So here’s a quickie solution from our side about the Rocket League Checking Privileges error issues.

These are basic errors from the Rocket League server side, with the exception of your side. These Rocket League technical bugs can easily be cleared from your side. Follow all the steps given below to solve the Rocket League Checking Privileges error.

Rocket League Checking Privileges – Steps to solve!

Rocket League Checking Privileges

The checking privileges pop up error bug from Rocket League can easily be solved using several techniques.

So to make sure and cross-check twice, if the Rocket League technical issues are actually from the Epic server’s side, you must do all these on the Rocket League device/console, which you use.

#1 Restart

Whatever device on which you use Rocket League, maybe a computer, laptop or Xbox, or PS, restart your device and check if it’s operating normally and taking you to the Rocket League login page. If it does take you to the home page of Rocket League and still the RL privileges issues persist, then it’s not your fault.

#2 Reinstall

Your Rocket League application on the device you use may have some software issues sometimes, not always, so to check if whether your Rocket League application software has any complications or corruption, try reinstalling the Rocket League game and also see if any updates are there for to be updated on Rocket League.

#3 Restart Modem and Router

Sometimes your Modem may have some issues, also check if all the lights are on while playing the Rocket League game. If not, then restart your modem. Also, try restarting your router settings for the Rocket League game.

#4 Wired Connection

If your Rocket League game is running with wireless WiFi or router, try switching over to a wired one. Use and connect a LAN wire to your Rocket League device and check it clears the privileges Rocket League error issues.

Rocket League Checking Privileges

#5 Date and Time

This may be unusual for this Rocket League Checking Privileges issue, but yet it shall work in your favor too. Check your device’s date and time settings on Rocket League settings for date and time, also switch it to automatic date and time zone, and then select the sync now option. As wrong date and time on Rocket League mean it’s an outdated version of the game.

#6 Epic Games Account

This is the final and also the key solution to the Rocket League Checking Privileges issues, if the above-all Rocket League steps fail in return to solve the privileges pop-up error issue, it means you may have an inactive or an outdated Epic Games account to yourselves.

So all the Rocket League gamers, launch the Epic Games store and try Signing in if you are able to launch your Rocket League account then no issue from your side, but if you ain’t then your Epic Games Account is invalid inactive too.

Just try contacting Epic Games Support team for further clarifications about the Rocket League Checking Privileges error issues, hopefully, all the Rocket League related server issues shall be sorted out.

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