Rkseoservices Best Affordable SEO Tool in 2022

RKSeoServices Best Affordable SEO Tool: Under this article, we will be focusing on a famous tool today that is, RKSEOServices. We will know what it is? where we have to do? use it and all?.

So What is Rkseoservices?

Rkseoservices Best Affordable SEO Tool
Rkseoservices Best Affordable SEO Tool

It is a company that provides the best Affordable SEO tool which is available in the market.

For those who don’t know what RkSeoServices is? This is an up-to-minute Group by which you can buy SEO Tool.

They are moderately up to the minute and beginners Bloggers will be allowed to use famous SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Keyword Revealer at just a minimum cost, ₹80.

Uses still use other App for SEO tools because of their performance. But as soon as bloggers came to know about RKseoservices they purchased ahrefs plan which is for rupees 50.

Review on RKSEOServices:

After using these services for some days, we can persuade you that, these services provide good service to their customer and decent customer support.

Moreover, the best part for this you don’t need to have access to the tool.

Some of the users think that it’s a scam first when it was launched in the market. But after using their plan, we can persuade that it’s not a scam.

Honestly, RKseoservices tools are for those users or bloggers who cannot afford The Other costly tools like tools zap.

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RKseoServices Plans

When the service’s launch in the market first they provide free access to new users like they give free access to Ahrefs.

But as time passes and the service gain popularity among the people and bloggers the plan is no more accessible they have some charges for each plan.

But the charges are so affordable and cheap. one beginner can easily subscribe to the tools provided by RK SEO services.

Presently they have four tools available.
1. Ahrefs plan
2. Moz
3. Stock unlimited
4. Keyword Revealer

Let’s Know the Process and Features of Rkseoservices Best Affordable SEO Tool

1. Ahrefs

This plan costs rupees 80 for 30 days full stop and this plan can be used without any issues. You don’t need to have any PayPal account or credit card simply you can make payment from Paytm.

2. Moz

Moch plan cost rupees 30 for 30 days. That means one rupee for one day. This is very affordable for every beginner blogger. The same goes with this you don’t need to have a PayPal account or credit card you can make payment by Paytm.

3. Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer cost rupees 30 for 30 days. Also know Pal per account is required for this.

4. Stock Unlimited

Stock unlimited cost rupees 30 for 30 days again affordable for all the bloggers. While there is no party account record for this you can make payment with a Paytm account and debit cards.

Affiliate Program

Despite their SEO tools you can earn money while using their tools they have an affiliated program also which means for every new customer you refer to these tools you can get a 20% payment. It’s not a much bigger amount adjust 20% off your total amount but from this amount, you can renew your plan which will save you extra money.


At last, we will conclude that RK SEO Services is a very good tool. It is very good for beginners so you can definitely go for it. And if you don’t want to spend more money on this you can definitely go for this will help you a lot.

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