Rocket League Version Mismatch Error: Fix Version Mismatch Error Now

Rocket League Version Mismatch Error: Years after its introduction, Rocket League’s frustrating teammates and compelling gameplay have drawn so many of us back. The very worst thing to encounter once we want to play it is an error that doesn’t understand. Try resetting the game, clicking again, and nothing if we are having issues.

Rocket League Version Mismatch error is the cryptic message we read, and it makes us fearful of our rank or profile. Don’t worry any longer. Here are the steps you should take if a version mismatch problem message prohibits us from enjoying Rocket League online.

Rocket League Version Mismatch Error: What Is This Mismatch Error?

Following the introduction of a fresh Rocket League update, a problem known as that of the Rocket League Version Mismatch Problem appears to frequently occur, preventing play. This is caused by, as the name implies, a discrepancy between the version for Rocket League that’s also connected to the system as well as the version that’s also currently supported.

We won’t be able to play games until the issue has been fixed because both versions have to be synced for online multiplayer. Fortunately for everyone, we have a fix.

Rocket League Version Mismatch: Why Do We Get Mismatch Error?

The notification Rocket League Version Mismatch could appear after a Rocket League update has been released. Please download the most recent game version. When trying to wait in line for a match, this happens.

The foremost current Rocket League update should be downloaded and installed if we see this message. Restarting our platform is the simplest approach to initiate a download for an update. The update ought to take place automatically after restarting.

To restart Steam entirely, select on Show Hidden Symbols icon within the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Select “right-click” just on the Steam icon.
  • Choose Exit.
  • Wait a moment or two.
  • Start Steam.

Rocket League Version Mismatch: How To Fix Mismatch Error?

The procedures listed below should be followed in order to resolve the version mismatch problem. Although we cannot promise that they will, they frequently resolve the problem.

#1. Rocket League Version Mismatch: Turn off our system :

Make sure we completely shut down our computer and properly close Rocket League as well. That indicates that your computer, console, or device is completely turned down but not in sleep mode or hibernation.

#2. Rocket League Version Mismatch: Reboot & Restart :

Reboot & check for system or gaming console updates, but the problem still exists. Here, we can implement the fixes that were left out of the restarting process. Follow the instructions below if we really are enjoying Rocket League on such platforms. Before shutting down the platform from the menu, exit the active game from the Epic Store and Steam App.

Right-click the Steam and Epic Store icon on the taskbar to open it. Select Close to end the Steam and Epic Store’s background operation after that.

Now, wait a couple of seconds, reopen the gaming app, and wait until it checks for updates that are awaiting download and installation automatically.

Open Rocket League after the update is complete to see if the problem has been resolved. However, we advise you to check the official website or even the store if the game platforms are not displaying any game updates.

#3. Rocket League Version Mismatch: For Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo User :

Another problem is that not all of the games are available and that they vary from market to market for the next-generation system designed specifically for gamers. However, Rocket/ League is now accessible on all popular gaming systems. Close the game, then select the settings button on the Rocket League icon. It is also searchable in the library section.

Now Check for updates that can be done from the menu. If an update is available, the game console will download and install it automatically. The most recent update can be downloaded and installed. Due to the size of the files, as well as the internet speed, it could take some time. Restart the game after the update is finished to look for any issues.

#4. Rocket League Version Mismatch: Reinstall The Rocket League:

The next step is to reinstall Rocket League when no updates are visible. First, uninstall the game on our computer and then reinstall it. Nevertheless, the game is either free to play or we have already paid for it so it won’t cost us any money.

We won’t need to look for any additional updates after reinstalling the game because we will have the most recent version. We may quickly access the game by searching for Rocket League on our consoles or computer’s game shop or library. Reinstalling the entire game could take some time.

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