Sommerset Fortnite- Sommerset aka Kayla Fortnite twitch Streamer Biography, Stats and Salary!

Sommerset Fortnite: Many of you all don’t know Sommerset from Fortnite fraternity. Sommerset alias Kayla is a popular Fortnite eSports player and also a Twitch Streamer too. Residing in Texas, USA, Sommerset has always been active on her Twitch stream channel. Kayla actively creates content for the Luminosity Gaming team. So here’s more about Sommerset aka Kayla Fortnite at Gaming Acharya.

Sommerset often plays out with her counterpart Fortnite gamer Clix. Kayla has the unique record of becoming the very first Fortnite gamer to attain 1 Lakh Arena points on Fortnite.

Kayla started her Twitch stream career by posting videos about Fortnite. With around 1 million followers for Sommerset on her Twitch stream channel, Kayla has a regular schedule too.

Her Twitch stream views started to boom and Kayla has had more than 30 lakh views about Fortnite on Twitch. As Sommers plays and posts about Luminosity game regularly too.

Sommerset Fortnite – Bio!

Sommerset Fortnite
Sommerset Fortnite- Sommerset aka Kayla Fortnite twitch Streamer Biography, Stats and Salary!

Sommerset aka Kayla is a famous esports Fortnite player who plays for the Luminosity Gaming team. Sommerset also regularly posts updates on her Twitch stream channel for her fans and followers.

Sommerset alias Kayla was born in Texas, the USA in 2003. Sommerset loves to play Fortnite on her iPhone, Sommerset also has Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Accounts apart from her Sommerset Twitch stream channel.

Sommerset besides being a Fortnite gamer, also regularly creates innovative content for Fortnite gamers on her Twitch stream channels. Every week Kayla organizes live video sessions about Fortnite on her Twitch account.

Fortnite has had several prolific and prominent players, but Sommerset aka Kayla is one of the tops most players, especially in the women’s Fortnite category, Kayla aka Sommerset is in the top 5 female Fortnite gamers list.

Sommerset Fortnite – Stats! 

An ardent Fortnite gamer, Kayla aka her gaming name Sommerset has had some remarkable stats on Fortnite. To date Sommerset has gotten more than 1200 wins on Fortnite, also Kayla has had more than 20k kills on the Fortnite game too.

This shows Sommerset’s passion and love for the Fortnite game. Kayla has been a statement for all other Fortnite women players to date.

As Sommerset has regularly been active about Fortnite on Twitch stream for Luminosity Gaming, Sommerset also posts about another prominent game Valorant.

Sommerset Fortnite bundle
Sommerset Fortnite- Sommerset aka Kayla Fortnite twitch Streamer Biography, Stats and Salary!


Sommerset Fortnite Salary

As a youngster Sommerset has been rollicking on Fortnite and Twitch stream. As said, Sommerset also owns a YouTube channel, with a 2.7 lakh subscribers, Kayla’s Fortnite game transcends on YouTube too. Sommerset, the Fortnite rockstar earns more than 1000$ per month by, content creation for Luminosity Gaming on Twitch stream, Twitch stream videos, youtube videos, eSports tournaments cash prize, all these have been a doable for Sommerset Fortnite.

Sommerset has time and again proven that, with a particular skillset on any game in the form of Fortnite, one may earn in numerous ways. Upcoming Fortnite users may well and truly follow the footsteps of Sommerset aka Kayla.

Sommerset Twitch Stream Account

Do check out Sommerset Twitch stream channel, as she posts regularly over there about Fortnite. Sommerset’s broadcast schedule for Fortnite is available on her handle, you may check on her Twitch account for all her Fortnite-related contents.

Sommerset’s favourite gamer is Clix, and also Sommerset’s favourite streamers are sparkles_qt, saevid and also nickeh30 too. Very recently for all the Fortnite gamers, Sommerset has done a session about the Sommerset’s locker codes for Fortnite, use Sommerset’s locker codes on Fortnite for some exclusive Fortnite items and rewards too.

All of Sommerset’s Fortnite broadcast videos on her Twitch stream channel have been getting more than 150k views regularly. Such is the impact of an avid gamer Sommerset on Fortnite.

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