How to Defend in NBA 2K22: Best Defending Skills and Tips

How To Defend In NBA 2K22: Defending in NBA in 2k22 is now becoming an important and more demanding task as the game is gaining more and more popularity with the passage of time. Defending and attacking is the only thing that makes this or any other game a more enthralling one and so there is a dire requirement to know how to keep defending NBA 2k22 while keeping yourself obviously as a character realistic.

WHY and How to defend in NBA 2k22: To improve your position on the court, you should get knowledgeable about NBA 2k22’s Defence control. This article will concentrate on the way how to defend in NBA 2K22, including both on-ball and off-ball defence.

NBA Defence: Defending 2k22 It’s crucial to keep your defence on and defensive gaming skill in mind when you have a strong offensive performance and a sizable lead.

On-ball defence controls and a way or a solution to how to defend in NBA 2k22 off-ball defence controls are the two categories of defence controls. When used for the player who defends the person with the ball, on-ball defence controls are beneficial.

NBA 2K22 Defend in different devices:

How to defend in NBA 2k22
How to Defend in NBA 2K22: Best Defending Skills and Tips

Because the controls on XBOX and PlayStation are identical, you only need to press the appropriate buttons on XBOX to carry out the action.

For instance, RT stands for R2, RB for R1, LT for L1, LB for L2, and the back button for TouchPad. B, a Circle, A, a Cross, Y, a Triangle, and X, a Square.

Therefore, to make the XBOX execute the same job as the Play Station buttons below, simply push the equivalent buttons that are listed down here for defence in NBA 2K22

Move Player Move LS
Short Contest Move RS up then quickly release
Pull Chair in Post Move and then release the LS quickly if you are tackled by an aggressive player
Player Swap Press and hold Cross
Hands Up Move and hold RS up
Sprint Press R2

Press and hold Square to steal or get
L1 is for a double team
Press Triangle for Block or to Rebound in defence
Press and hold Circle to get or to Take the Charge over
Press L2 for Intense Defense
The touchPad is for Intentional Foul
Arrow Pad is available for On Fly Coaching
The above-mentioned ones are on-ball defence control in NBA 2k22.

How to defend in NBA 2k22
How to Defend in NBA 2K22: Best Defending Skills and Tips

How to defend in NBA 2k22 with off-ball:

Here is the list of all the defending skills in NBA 2k22
Move LS to make the player move
Press and hold Cross for making the player swap
Move RS to make On Ball Steal while defending in NBA
R2 is for sprint

Other Defences In 2k22: NBA also has ankle breakers and crossover for better defence in the 2K22 version of NBA but the question in the area of defence is:

How to Perform Crossovers & Ankle Breakers in NBA 2K22?

You can use Ankle Breakers to escape difficult situations and trick the enemy’s defenders with your deft movements. It takes skill and a lot of practice to execute these moves.

Pulling the right stick down or away from the defender while sprinting is necessary to execute an ankle break, which will open up a small window for a jump shot. This will make the opposition’s defence helpless and enable you to slam down some simple baskets.

Method for other available defences in NBA 2k22?

The Crossover is yet another powerful move. Before you reach the basket, you can gain some breathing room and brush off defenders by using crossovers.
Push the right stick repeatedly in the direction of the defender to execute a Crossover. The dribble will happen more quickly the more quickly you do it.

Additionally, you can perform a Crossover between the legs by continually moving the right stick from left to right.

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