BGMI Tournament App Free Entry- Download these Free BGMI Tournament Apps 2022!

BGMI Tournament App Free Entry: Many BGMI players who couldn’t qualify for tournaments are looking out for the free BGMI tournament app. There are plethora of BGMI tournament apps for free, where one may participate in BGMI tournaments and even win money for free too. Here’s the exclusive BGMI Article about the BGMI Tournament App Free Entry.

So as we all know that BGMI has unarguably been the most sought after game of all gamers in India after Krafton launched it for us. Many BGMI tournaments are being held often, even now the BGMI masters series lan event is happening, which is even live on star sports 2 for the very first time in BGMI history ever.

So most the BGMI fans worry whenever they spot other popular eSports players at this BGMI tournament on TV. But these particular BGMI gamers need not worry at all, as there are a lot of free BGMI tournament gaming apps, which allows you to participate and win money for real on BGMI.

Jio Games, Khiladi Adda, PlayerZon, Winzo Games, Ultimate Battle are all some of the BGMI Tournament App Free Entry for you guys. More details about these apps for this BGMI Tournament App Free Entry article will follow here at GA below.

BGMI Tournament App Free Entry – BGMI Free Tournament Apps List 2022!

#1 Battle Game

Battle game is one of the best BGMI tournament apps Which is completely for free too in 2022. So go download Battle Game app, sign up with the same BGMI credentials which you have given. Look out for BGMI tournaments and play the mode which you have regularly been playing on BGMI and win cash prize too.

#2 MPL

Mobile Premier League is one of the popular, famous and prominent online gaming platform, it was famous for cricket fantasy leagues. Now they have been into many games including eSports tournaments. So all the BGMI users out there, go and download Mobile Premier League (MPL), and login with your credentials and join in the BGMI tournaments organized by MPL and start Winning cash too.

#3 Khiladi Adda

Khiladi Adda has always been BGMI users’ favourite Tournament app. Khiladi Adda even rewards for every kill on BGMI tournaments. Besides BGMI, Khiladi Adda has also been hosting other major eSports tournaments like Garena Free Fire, Wild-Rift, PUBG, PUBG Lite etc.. so install Khiladi Adda and start participating in all these eSports games tournaments and encash your gaming skillsets using Khiladi Adda.

#4 PlayerZon

Ever since their arrival, PlayerZon app has actively been organising eSports tournaments for all the Garena Free Fire and BGMI users. Sometimes PlayerZon even streams their Esports tournaments on prominent YouTube channels too. Besides eSports tournaments, PlayerZon also has free Paytm cash rewards, free quiz games too.

#5 Game Pay

As the game name itself insists and implies that, Game Pay is for gameplay, playing games. Start playing Esports tournaments using your credentials on the Game Pay app, win cash rewards and free Paytm cash prizes too. Game Pay all often conducts free BGMI and Free Fire tournaments across India, so do make sure to play on Game Pay from now on.

So these are the Top 5 BGMI Tournament App Free Entry 2022 list, apart from these many new BGMI tournament apps for free are available right now in 2022. All those also have BGMI tournaments conducted for free.

More Free BGMI Tournament Apps 2022 List!

Gaming Akhanda, GamerCity, Royal Battle Pro, Game Pay, Star War, Gaming Monk, Pixlona, and Winzo Gold are some of the BGMI Tournament App Free Entry apps in 2022 that not only offer free BGMI tournaments but also other major eSports tournaments in 2022 too.

BGMI Tournament App For free is an excellent initiative for all the BGMI gamers who are not able to participate in the major tournaments hosted by BGMI, as these free BGMI tournament apps give the exposure and experience, and with proven skills, one can enter the major BGMI eSports tournaments the following times on BGMI.

So that’s all about this BGMI Tournament App Free Entry article on Gaming Acharya. Install any of these free BGMI tournament apps 2022 on the play store, log in with your already available and official BGMI credentials itself and start Winning the tournament games and money too.

Follow Gaming Acharya’s handle regularly for more exclusive updates on your favorite eSports video games here, stay tuned to our handle for further content. Keep watching this space regularly.

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