Valorant Crosshair Database: Choose Your Favourite No.1 Valorant Crosshairs!

Valorant Crosshair Database: Valorant which has several features and rewards, also has another interesting addition. Where a valorant player can create their own crosshair and thereby customise it. Also, this Crosshair may help a player to have better target shots at their opponents. So these are accessible at the crosshair section on the game settings of valorant. So would you like to customise your crosshair? I’m Sharing about the Valorant Crosshair Database and more about the same too.

Valorant game is regularly bringing on many updates, gameplay changes along with rewards to keep their fans engaged. So along with all these, a crosshair is indispensable for a valorant player, as it helps to have better target shots at their enemies. Also if one chooses a perfect crosshair they will be having the best and most accurate shots toward their opponent teammates. You may choose your favourite ones or the ones which will help you play well. To customise your Valorant crosshair accordingly to your needs.

Valorant Crosshair Database
Valorant Crosshair Database

So I’m suggesting some of the best valorant Crosshair available in the section. You may choose those or choose your preferred ones too. There are many different aspects for each and every crosshair on valorant like colour, crosshair inner and outer lines, outlines, firing error etc. All these determine the worth of a particular crosshair. So many crosshairs like shuriken, shroud, screams, the sun, skadoodke, Brax etc. So let’s see in detail about the Valorant Crosshair Database.

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Valorant Crosshair Database: How to Select and Customise Valorant Crosshair?

To select your Valorant crosshair head over to the crosshair section on settings. So you can acquire your favourite Crosshairs using the Crosshair codes. And customise the selected Crosshair with the available attributes.

Valorant Crosshair Database
Valorant Crosshair Database


This green colour crosshair is eye-catchy, if you want to look attractive, you may select this one. With the best inner and outer line features.


Tenz cross hair comesup with a cyan colour. Inner and outer length thickness and capacity are 1. So equip this one if you are looking out and impressed with the features too.

Poké Ball

This red colour crosshair is a funny one. And is a favourite one for many valorant fans.


Don’t be confused with the Instagram app, as there’s also a crosshair named Instagram on valorant. It follows the same pink colour pattern too.


Another red colour crosshair comes up with an inner line length of 4. And other major attributes at 0. Select this one if you need it.


A beautiful pink colour crosshair. This has the best firing multiplier error. So the target shots can be better while using this.

Tactical Target 

This has two colour variants with green and also yellow too. Inner line thickness is at 5. Centre dot capacity is also at 1.

Flappy Bird 

The green colour crosshair flappy bird is a beauty. With eye-catchy style, the attributes are varying from 1, to 4 to 9 to even 20 too. And the centre dot is off too.

So these are some of the best available valorant Crosshair. Valorant Crosshair Database is essential as already told. This gives you the chance to make a better target shot at the other players. So choose the ones and customise them accordingly to your gameplay too. So that’s an end to the Valorant Crosshair Database article. More on the same will be updated soon here.

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