Itachi Skin Fortnite- Get Free in Fortnite!

Itachi Skin Fortnite: Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest battle royale games out there and hosts more than 25 million people on average. People play the game for its exhilarating experience and many just play the game alongside their friends to enjoy their time together gaming.

Most of the gaming community has a few other hobbies like playing board games, watching anime, or even reading manga. Fortnite capitalized on its gaming community very well by introducing Fortnite x Naruto last year. And this year they are bringing it back yet again and everyone who is a Naruto fan is bouncing in their gaming chairs at home.

From whatever leaks we could find and gather, we understand that this year they are going to release a bunch of new cosmetics along with new Naruto-themed skins – Itachi, Gaara, Hinata, and Orochimaru. Yet in all these names we can’t help but be excited about our favorite character finally coming in with this collab, that is, Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi Skin Fortnite: Who is he?

Getting into details regarding Itachi will take too long, in short, he is Sasuke’s younger brother, who Sasuke wants to kill in and avenge his entire clan which was killed by Itachi.

Though he may seem like a villain, there is a lot more to his story. To discover all that I would recommend you just go ahead and watch the anime and then you will understand the excitement behind the new Itachi Skin for Fortnite.

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Itachi Skin Fortnite: How Much Will It Cost?

Similar to previous seasons expect the new Itachi Skin to cost around 1500-1600 Vbucks. That comes out to be an approximate 15-16 USD or if you are playing the game from India, it is around 1250 Rupees.

If you have the money saved up, I hope you can get the skin quickly but if you are short on cash time to start appeasing your parents and make sure they are ready to pay up when the time comes so you can get your hands on the Fortnite Itachi Skin or the others if you find them more appealing.

Itachi Skin Fortnite: When Will the Event Launch?

I know you all are about ready to get started with the event but have some patience and bide your time, the event is scheduled to be out around 23rd June 2022. So it gives you plenty of time to polish up your skills and prove yourself worthy of the Itachi Skin Fortnite because once you start using that skin you will be the best shinobi in all of Naruto.

Itachi Skin Fortnite: What else will be there at the event?

Well including the Itachi Skin, the event will also have the other skins, Gaara, Hinata, and Orochimaru. They will also include spikes, backpacks, hang gliders, and other cosmetics. But unfortunately for now we don’t have clear details regarding the event and can’t give you the exact information, but do expect the info to release soon and we will be sure to update you.

Most of us who have watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden love it and are diehard fans of the universe and all the characters in it. And if you are yet to start Naruto or are hesitant to do so, don’t worry and take your time. I assure you the anime and the manga are worth your attention and you won’t regret it.

As for all those people who have seen the anime, you guys already know how excited everyone is with the release of the Itachi Skin, even though he is not the main character, he holds a special place in our hearts.

Please feel free to browse around and read our other articles on Fortnite or Naruto or anime in general. We have all kinds of lists and articles to suit your tastes. If you feel like re-watching Naruto after this article, feel free to bookmark this tab so you can get back anytime. With all said and done, I hope you enjoy the new Itachi Skin as much as I am going to.

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