BGMI x GB Teddy Bear – New Collab with GB Teddy Bear 2022!

BGMI x GB Teddy Bear; BGMI and their new collaboration with the Great Britain Teddy Bear company is now happening live. BGMI x GB Teddy Bear brings on the Teddy Bear to BGMI in-game store, as BGMI players will be able to acquire the GB teddy bear on BGMI item shop. More exclusive news on BGMI x GB Teddy Bear is here.

The Collaboration of BGMI with the Britain based soft toy company is welcomed by the BGMI fans all over india. The in-game buddies through this BGMI x GB Teddy Bear collaboration will give away 3 teddies indeed, GB Teddy Bear, Robinhood Teddy Bear and finally the Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear as in-game buddies for all the BGMI gamers.

BGMI x GB Teddy Bear

The exclusive GB Teddy Bear items will also be available on BGMI itemshop like Teddy Bear Ornaments, Set, Cover and Parachutes. Through this BGMI GB Teddy Bear collaboration, BGMI users will get a chance to use the top most Britain based Teddy Company’s products.

Ever since GB Teddy Bear was founded in 2002 at England, they have been making a mark. Now the best Teddy company of England joining hands with the numero uno Battle game in India that’s the BGMI, is making waves. Many Hollywood stars alongside the PM of the British and also the Royal Family are welcoming and endorsing this BGMI GB Teddy Bear collaboration.

BGMI x GB Teddy – Are the items free?

Krafton has hit a huge sixer in this June month of 2022 with the GB Teddy Bear collaboration. The GB Teddy Bear goodies are available on BGMI as in-game buddies. Though the price for this BGMI themed GB Teddy Bear is not known, yet the Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear, Robin Hood Teddy and finally the GB Teddy Bear too.

Also apart from these BGMI users may also acquire the GB Teddy Bear items like GB Teddy Bear Ornaments, GB Teddy Bear Parachute, GB Teddy Bear Set and finally the BGMI Teddy Bear cover.

These BGMI themed GB Teddy Bear exclusive items are easily available as in-game buddies and also through the regular BGMI lucky spin wheel too, the Hola buddy lucky spin also has these BGMI based GB Teddy Bear themed items, if you are lucky then all the BGMI GB Teddy Bear will be yours.

Spend just 10 BGMI UC, spin the wheel and get the GB Teddy Bear exclusive items if you deem yourselves as a lucky charm for the Hola buddy lucky spin wheel on BGMI.

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GB Teddy Bear Cosmetics 

– The Robin Hood Teddy Bear literally resembles Robinhood. With a blue coloured outfit on the yellow coloured teddy, it’s so funny and entertaining to watch the Robin Hood Teddy Bear on BGMI, which also comes up with 3 Legendary emotes and 3 Rare and Uncommon Emotes too.

– The legendary teddy bear pet, the GB Teddy Bear incredibly looks funny as it also wears the BGMI level 3 helmet with a tie too.

– Sherlock Holmes is a detective, so does the Sherlock Holmes Teddy bear on BGMI, as this detective based Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear pet comes up with a brown coloured checked outfits with 3 emotes all types too on BGMI in-game buddies.

About the BGMI x GB Teddy Bear  

So the new collaboration of BGMI/PUBG with the Great Britain based soft toy company GB Teddy Bear is well and truly live for all the PUBG/BGMI gamers and it will last for some more weeks too, so go grab your favourite GB Teddy Bear exclusive items on BGMI in-game buddies.

Enjoy this new BGMI collaboration with GB Teddy Bear company for a while, as many more BGMI based collabs are on your way too.

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