Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit- Throwback to the Day When Kevin Knox Wore Fortnite Suit!

Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit: Let’s all relive back to the moment when prominent NBA Star Kevin Knox had worn a Fortnite Suit for the NBA draft. Kevin Knox wearing the Fortnite Suit has been one of the most memorable moments for both Fortnite and NBA. So here’s a quickie recap about the Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit at gaming acharya.

The Newyork Knicks’ star player Kevin Knox was flaunting the Fortnite suit to the NBA draft, way back then in 2018. Fortnite was extremely elated when Kevin Knox wore their suit, as no sports player hasn’t worn Fortnite-based suits yet.

When the pics of Kevin Knox wearing a Fortnite blazer suit started coming out, the team of Fortnite was jubilant and on cloud nine, as the main thing and attraction about Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit is that, even NBA has its own video game and yet on its event, Kevin Knox generously wore Fortnite based suit, such is the magnanimity of both Kevin Knox and also NBA.

Kevin Knox Fortnite Suit – When Did He Wear the Fortnite Blazer?

During April-May 2018, when the NBA draft was held, Kevin Knox a forward NY Knicks player and also an ardent Fortnite gamer was seen coming out to the event with a Fortnite blazer suit, which captured the attention of all the Fortnite and also the NBA gamers. Apart from a generous move, Kevin Knox wearing a Fortnite suit was also considered to be an audacious move too.

And on twitter once after Kevin’s Fornite suit appearance, tweeted that a collaboration of Kevin Knox + Fortnite as an endorsement deal, to which Kevin Knox even replied that “lets make it happen”, such shoes Kevin Knox’s love for the Fortnite game.

Kevin Knox wearing a Fortnite suit for the NBA event was deemed as a trendsetting and welcome move by the Fortnite and other games’ fans too. As it encouraged other players to wear a different sport’s suit or tshirt or tracks or trousers etc.

As Kevin Knox is an ardent and freakish Fortnite fan and gamer, why would such a collab between Fortnite x Kevin Knox be missed out? Hopefully, we can see a near possible Kevin Knox x Fortnite collab in the future.

Will Kevin Knox X Fortnite Collaboration Happen on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

If at all the Collaboration cross over between Kevin Knox and Fortnite happens, it would take some months, as the Fortnite x Kevin Knox crossover must be in the thought process of Epic Games first, then it should be in the bucket list of Fortnite fans.

If it does happen, then Fortnite x Kevin Knox collab would take both Fortnite and NBA games to next level. Hopefully Fortnite fans have Kevin Knox collab on their wish list.

Hopefully, Fortnite x Kevin Knox happens in the near future, but it ain’t definitely not possible in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 already had many new launches and crossovers, it’s not possible to allot Kevin Knox into Fortnite’s collaborations list for now.

About Kevin Knox Wearing Fortnite Suit

So that’s all about the throwback to the beautiful moment when Kevin Knox actually wore the Fortnite suit to the NBA draft event in 2018.

If there’s any news about the collab of Fortnite x Kevin Knox in the future, then We are sure to update you with it.

As of now Fortnite x Naruto has brought on many new quests and rewards for the Fortnite fans, hope you all grab it.

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