Shreeman Legend BGMI ID Biography- Shreeman Legend BGMI/PUBG ID, Biography, Salary

Shreeman Legend BGMI ID Biography: BGMI/PUBG fans, have y’ll hear about Shreeman Legend? Shreeman Legend alias Siddhant Praveen Joshi, famous and prominent Indian BGMI gamer and content creator too. So here’s an exclusive article for Shreeman Legend from the BGMI fraternity, get to know more about him through this Shreeman Legend BGMI ID Biography article.

Shreeman Legend BGMI id is 510399433, a prolific BGMI user from India, watch out for Shreeman through his BGMI ID here. Shreeman Legend has played more than 150 squad matches and has also won 50+ BGMI games outta it too. Shreeman Legend’s BGMI stats has always been consistent and constant too.

Apart from BGMI/PUBG, Shreeman also has his own youtube channel, where he regularly posts BGMI stuff and content for BGMI/PUBG users around the world. Indeed Shreeman Legend has 2 separate YouTube channels, and indeed he’d started them way before BGMI came into existence. As PUBG only was there around in 2017, Shreeman Legend opened his PUBG YouTube channel around in the same year 2017.

Shreeman Legend BGMI ID Biography – More Info!

Basically, Shreeman Legend, actual name Siddhant Praveen Joshi is from Mumbai, India. Ever since PUBG launched, Siddhant Joshi started playing and became a well-versed PUBG player too. After getting to know that Shreeman Legend’s PUBG skills and stats were on a different level, he immediately started a YouTube channel too.

Shreeman Legend is his in-game PUBG/BGMI name, 510399433 being his BGMI id too. BGMI rockstar siddhant joshi is 28 and often plays the game on his iPhone device.

Besides gaming, Shreeman Legend creates content about PUBG/BGMI for all the fans on his YouTube channel. His Shreeman Legend Live YouTube channel has 16 lakh subscribers and also more than 1800 videos too. Watch out for his BGMI skills on Shreeman’s channel to learn more especially if you are a novice and beginner on BGMI/PUBG.

Shreeman Legend BGMI – ID, Salary, Hobbies, etc.

Shreeman aka Siddhant Praveen Joshi apart from BGMI has always had a huge passion for cricket and movies too. Shreeman Legend always watches cricket games and movies.

From BGMI tournaments, eSports tournaments, and YouTube channel videos, Shreeman Legend must be earning around more than 1 lakh easily every month. Shreeman’s sheer hard-work and skills have brought all this fame and name to him apart from money and popularity on BGMI.

Siddhant Praveen Joshi has won a couple of BGMI tournaments and has placed in the top 10 more than 50 times in BGMI tournaments, which has also been an incredible and a remarkable feat too.

So all those youngsters and rising BGMI players can definitely follow in the footsteps of Siddhant Joshi to become a pro-PUBG/BGMI players. Regularly watch Siddhant’s gaming tactics on his Youtube channel videos. As Siddhant often conducts live video sessions for BGMI fans on his channel, shoot out your BGMI questions to him. As Shreeman Legend has always been shrewd about BGMI/PGMI games.

Shreeman Legend BGMI – Favourite Gaming Mode!

There ain’t no specific favourite BGMI gaming mode that Shreeman likes, he usually plays squad, duo, solo, and all the gaming modes apart from tournaments too. But the number of kills that Shreeman Legend holds is astounding. He’s also been in the Crown 1 tier on the BGMI squad mode too.

Do check out Shreeman Legend BGMI ID 510399433 to know more about him and also check out his YouTube video channels too. He’s clear-cut skills and ideas about his BGMI gaming techniques over there.

So folks all about Shreeman Legend’s BGMI ID, Biography, Salary are mentioned here at Gaming Acharya. Follow us for more exclusive gaming news and updates regularly.

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