10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu- Top 10 Best Haikyuu Female Characters List 2022!

10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu: Haikyuu the sports-based Anime series from the Manga series mostly revolved around the male volleyball team and its players, though there are female characters in Haikyuu, yet it gets unnoticed. So here’s an exclusive article from us, about the list of 10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu.

10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu

#1 Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi is a first-year student girl and also one of the men’s volleyball team managers. Hitoka Yachi has a huge crush and respect for Kiyoka.

After Yachi’s position as volleyball manager, she’s learned more about the gaming techniques like never before she used to be. A young and blonde Hitoka Yachi has several fans and is also one of the best female leads in the Anime Haikyuu.

#2 Saeko Tanaka

Saeko is a former student from Karasuno High school, Saeko Tanaka was often deemed as a bad girl yet with more swag and fans. Her relentless attitude even with the Haikyuu boys has brought so many fans to her. Tanaka has played for Karasuno High and also appears to be the older sister of Ryuunosuke Tanaka. Saeko Tanaka often loves to drive cars and she’s sometimes dangerous too.

#3 Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu from Haikyuu is the first and official female character and also the manager of the Karasuno Boys’ team. Kiyoko Shimizu is one of the best female characters ever from Haikyuu, for her skills and beauty, which has attracted and also enthralled all her male fans of Haikyuu’s boy’s team.

#4 Kanoka Amanai

The best childhood friend of Ryuunosuke Tanaka is Kanoka Amanai. Kanoka Amanai once featured in the Tokyo nationals arc, as where kanoka stated that Ryuunosuke Tanaka had a major role in molding her, that’s what made Kanoka Amanai one of the bests in the Haikyuu house and also in this 10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu article list.

A prominent and former player and member of Niiyama girls volleyball club team, Kanoka Amanai also represented the Japanese female volleyball team which is a proud moment for the Haikyuu Fraternity.

#5 Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya third year at Karasuno High is the prolific player from Haikyuu. Yui Michimiya was the captain of the girl’s volleyball team and her natural smashing and attacking volleyball skills brought her more fame and fans. So Yui Michimiya does have her own place in this 10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu 2022 list.

#6 Alisa Haiba

 Alisa Haiba from Haikyuu community was a college goer, volleyball player and a model too. She’s the older sister for Lev Haiba. A beautiful Alisa Haiba with a blonde hair, jolly to go and humorous in nature, has always been a crush for boys and often helps them out for Haikyuu volleyball games. Alisa Haiba is definitely one of the 10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu.

#7 Madoka Yachi

Madoka Yachi is the senior-most female Haikyuu character ever. Though gets less screentime and scope than that if Haikyuu’s men, Madoka Yachi never fails to impress us.

Madoka Yachi is the mother of Hitoka Yachi too. Madoka Yachi with long, silky, and peach brown hair is obviously amongst the 10 Best Female Characters in Haikyuu.

#8 Akane Yamamoto 

An over-adventurous female character from the Haikyuu club has to be definitely Akane Yamamoto, though Akane has always been the secondary female character in Haikyuu, she never failed to cheer with full of enthusiasm for her sister Taketora Yamamoto during her volleyball games and stints.

#9 Natsu Hinata

 Natsu Hinata is Shoyo Hinata’s younger sister, Natsu had also played for the Niiyama girls volleyball team till 2018, though Natsu Hinata didn’t get much scope even with top most volleyball skills, yet she’s in this Top 10 Female Characters in Haikyuu.

#10 Mika Yamaka 

Mika Yamaka the boyfriend of Suguru Daisho and also the captain of Haikyuu’s men’s volleyball team then studied at the Nohebi Academy and is right now a nurse in Tokyo.

Though she broke up with Suguru, as he wanted to focus on volleyball, they patched up. Mika Yamaka is a skillful player and one of the Top 10 Female Characters in Haikyuu.

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