Leelah Fortnite Skin- How to Get Leelah Fornite Skin and Outfit Free !

Leelah Fortnite Skin: Here’s another exclusive article about the Leelah Skin Fortnite. The Leelah Skin which is a rare outfit was first released in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 on 11th March 2022. The Leelah Fortnite was also a part of the Luckypaw set too. Here’s more about the Leelah Fortnite.

The rare outfit from Leela can be bought for 1200 V-bucks. If you also buy the best friends bundle for 2200 V-bucks, then the Leelah Fortnite is yours too.

The Leelah Fortnite was available till June mid in the Fortnite item shop once the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 started. And Fortnite fans eagerly wait for the Leelah Fortnite to be added to the Fortnite item shop. The Leelah outfit had Hoppabuns back bling from the Luckypaw set. Back Bling: Hoppabuns were the major highlight of this Leelah set.

Leelah Fortnite – How to get it?

The beautiful and attractive Fortnite Leelah Skin is fully comprised of snowballs. The rare outfit Leelah is a girl gender and was the most favorite amongst the Fortnite users way back then. But the Leelah outfit was not available for free as Fortnite fans had to spend around 1200 V-bucks in order to get this Leelah Fortnite outfit from the item shop.

This Leelah Fortnite outfit skin was exclusively a part of the Luckypaw set on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Leelah comes to Fortnite every month. But we are not sure about Leelah’s arrival to Fortnite this month or for July too. As Fortnite and Epic Games have to update the official release of the rare Leelah Outfit from their side first.

How Much Does the Fortnite Leelah Cost?

As we told, once again we iterate that this Leelah rare outfit set can be bought at 1200 V-bucks from the Fortnite item shop exclusively. Also one might have heard about the best friend bundle on Fortnite too, if you purchase the best friend bundle too for around 2200 V-bucks on the Fortnite item shop, then the Leelah Fortnite outfit skin is all yours and everything once and forever too on Fortnite.

Hoppabuns Back Bling was the only item of this Luckypaw set on Fortnite. But the best friend bundle has had many Fortnite items, skins, and costumes too. The best friend bundle on Fortnite comprises,

  • The Leelah Skin.
  • The Hoppa Bun Back Bling
  • The Hailey skin
  • The Hailey’s winky cats back Bling
  • The Hailey, The Amethyst fang Harvesting Tool.
  • The Winky paw Reactive weapon Wrap.
  • The best friend loading screen

All these were indeed a part of the best friend bundle on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Will the Fortnite Leelah Outfit Return Back Once Again?

If you ask me whether the Fortnite Leelah Outfit skin will once again come to Fortnite through the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 or in the following seasons too, yes of course the Leelah Fortnite outfit skin bundle will be coming for sure, but the dubious thing about this Leelah Fortnite is only, when will Leelah come? Hopefully soon as Fortnite and Epic used to bring on the Leelah Skin rare outfit on Fortnite in a rotational policy to Fortnite.

So let us all wait with bated breath to know the exclusive release details about this rare outfit Leelah coming to Fortnite soon from Epic games.

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