Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA- Know the Interesting Facts of America!

Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA: Here at GA we welcome you all for an interesting article about America. As you all know the USA is one of the richest and most populated countries too in worldwide. But there are some unknown, strange and bizarre, and peculiar facts about the USA, that even the Americans are not aware of the same too. Here we spill some of the Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA

#1 American Flag

You would have definitely seen the official US flag, which has a white, blue, and red color to it. Even the 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 USA states. But do you know that the American flag was designed by a 17-year-old lad? Interesting right? Of course yes, that’s why it’s first here on the Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA 2022 list.

#2 No National Language

Not only the USA people, people from other countries often tend to believe and deem that English has always been the official national language of the US. But it’s not, although everyone speaks English in America, it’s not been declared yet as the official language. This may be new to many, but yes that’s the fact.

#3 Boring City

Often you would have used the term Boring in all your lives. But yes there’s even a city named Boring in the USA. It’s located in Oregon indeed. So the Boring City doesn’t make this Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA 2022 list boring at all.

 #4 Literacy

The USA has always had the highest literacy rate among every other country in the world. As almost and more than 1 Million students finish their education every year.

#5 Belief in God

Americans always have belief and trust in God. That’s why more people in the USA are a theist. Whatever the situation, USA people always have trust in God. Likewise, always have trust in God if you are in a dire and adverse situation in your life.

#6 27 Flags

You won’t believe this if I say that America has had around 27 Flags to date. Many flags were discovered for all the states of America and now finally one is there with the 50 stars also representing the 50 states of the USA. Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA has this too.

#7 More Bourbon

Another astonishing American fact is here on our Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA 2022 list. You won’t be believing it when I say the Bourbon is being produced in more numbers than that of a people in Kentucky.

#8 Free Museums

As people always love to visit Museums all over the world, there are millions of Museums worldwide but you may have to pay cash for them. But in the USA there are tons of Free Museums to visit too. So this makes this Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA 2022 list too.

#9 Most Visited Museum

Another interesting fact about museums. Yes, the world’s most visited museum is located in Washington, USA. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington has around 10 million visitors from all over the world every year.

It’s an astounding fact for the USA indeed. So if you are all now planning on a vacation trip to the USA, never miss it too.

#10 Wright Brothers

The famous Wright Brothers from the USA, who invented the plane 100 years ago, have never been to college. Sound strange right? Yes, Orville Wright And Wilbur Wright never went to college in their lives.

And this is the 10th and last fact from this Top 10 Interesting Facts About USA 2022 list. What the Wright Brothers state is even if one doesn’t go to college, they can shine in their life with the skills they hold too.

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