Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types- Statistically Ranked!

Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types: Pokémon, everyone reading should probably be aware of this franchise as it is one of the most popular brands in the world. Even if you might not have played the games, you might have seen the anime or just might have seen all the cutest merchandise out there. My point is that Pokémon needs no introduction and if by some miracle you have never heard of Pokémon, you have an entire world to explore and enjoy, so best of luck.

Pokémon throughout its lifetime has introduced many Pokémon and the list keeps on increasing to date. So many games and so many pokédex’s completed. People have spent their entire lives dedicated to catching them all.

With so many Pokémon and of so many different types, a person has to wonder what all Pokémon types are the best or even more importantly what all Pokémon types are the worst. So after a thorough discussion with the community and our friends, here are the worst Pokémon types to keep at your party.

Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types: List Of Pokemons

Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types
Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types

5. Normal

At number five, is normal-type Pokémon, the move sets offered by normal-type Pokémon are large in variety but none of their moves are super effective against any other type, also they are unable to inflict any status effect changes.

Even with the unpredictability that comes with their variety, they are too basic and don’t offer any real tactical advantage in a battle. They are reliable enough if you are going for a casual playthrough but against any proper challenge, you have much better options.

4. Rock

At number four, it’s a rock-type Pokémon. While they do offer some great offensive move sets, they just have too many weaknesses and ultimately you are better off going with ground-type Pokémon instead which offer similar moves but with the added benefit of being resistant to electric-type moves.

With their various weaknesses, they make for ideal first gyms for beginner trainers who are going through a Pokémon game for the first time and most Pokémon games have rock-type as a beginner gym.

3. Bug

At number three, it’s bug-type Pokémon. While they have some of the hardest-hitting moves in-game, unfortunately, they are not effective against their more popular counterparts of fire and flying Pokémon.

Added to this fact is that bug-type Pokémon have some of the weakest scalings in the games and have bad overall stats. It just takes too much to make them work ideally and that time is spent better on more powerful Pokémon.

2. Ice

At number two, it’s the ice-type Pokémon. Similar to rock-type, they just have too many weaknesses to function well. More importantly, they just take up space in your party as most water-type Pokémon are able to learn the best ice-type moves and can make better use of them offering more variety to your team so you can deal with many types of Pokémon with just your water-type with awesome ice moves.

1. Fairy

At number one, we have fairy-type Pokémon. These types of Pokémon were just introduced to balance the game competitively and after a few generations, they are of no use and make some of the Pokémon you want to raise just irritating. Your Eevee cannot have any fairy moves otherwise you will be stuck with a Sylveon when you much rather raise an Espeon.

Their only benefit is to counter some dragon-type Pokémon, but most of the type trainers will rather just raise a dragon to deal with a dragon type rather than raise a fairy-type Pokémon.

Worst Pokémon Types
Top 5 Worst Pokémon Types

With so much variety practically introduced every year in Pokémon, people have developed their own styles of playing the game. If you want to use some of the type of Pokémon mentioned in this list, you are free to go ahead and enjoy the game however you like.

And if you wish to dispute that your favorite type should not have been on the list and another type should have taken it’s place, please feel free to go ahead and comment with your type and your reasoning.

Meanwhile, you should bookmark this tab if you want to check this page again or a variety of other top 10 lists we have. All said and done, enjoy the game and enjoy Pokémon to your heart’s content because we all have a favorite Pokémon in our hearts and no one can take its place.

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