Top 10 Worst School Shootings- Worst School Shooting 2022!

Top 10 Worst School Shootings: Here in our newest article, we will have a look at the Top 10 Worst School Shootings. Because of these massacres many students, innocent child, and adults have also lost their lives. And it’s been happening now yet.

Top 10 Worst School Shootings

Top 10 Worst School Shootings

#1 Columbine High School

Columbine High school in Colorado, USA witnessed a tragic incident in 1999. The public high school which is located in S pierce St, Littleton had an incident to forget about, as two unknown miscreants started shooting attack, they killed 13 people, and thereby also another 23 people got severely injured too.

And eventually, the 2 shot at each other, and both were killed in the end. This was a nightmare for many during the year 1999 and it’s even remembered still. And this Columbine School tragedy is at the top of the Top 10 Worst School Shootings 2022 list.

#2 Red Lake Senior High School

The Red Lake Shooting was a hell of a nightmare in 2005. The red lake school at Beltrami County, Minnesota USA had witnessed a colossal massacre that saw shooting at two spots indeed. A 16-year-old miscreant guy shot down his grandfather and also his girlfriend too then he started his attack at the Red Lake school too.

7 people including students, teachers, and one security guard were killed mercilessly. And he also injured another 5 people severely as he behaved vehemently at that time.

#3 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Another youngster or student named Nicolas Cruz ruthlessly held an attacked at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in 2018 in Parkland, Florida in the USA. With a long sniper rifle gun, he was on a shooting spree attack, and 17 of them got killed. Later he was arrested by the local cops too.

#4 Kimball Highschool

The very recent incident at Kimball High School, Dallas is next here on this Top 10 Worst School Shootings article. At a basketball competition, one guy shot another guy to death. This was considered a personal attack as he had shown his vengeance. And later he got surrendered to the police too.

#5 Sandy Hook Elementary School

In 2012 a ruthless and frustrated psychopath killer killed his mother and went away straight to the Sandy Hook school and killed another 20+ people too and finally committed suicide by killing himself by shooting eventually. The victims’ relatives are even shocked and sad about it today, as the tragic incident shocks and disturb them even today and now.

Top 10 Worst School Shootings

#6 Spanaway Junior High School

On Nov 26th, 1985, probably the only girl student on this list who caused a riot at the Spanaway Junior High School, Washington DC, USA. She had shot down and killed 2 boys for unknown personal reasons and a vengeance too and that too with a 22 Caliber rifle.

Some even wonder if she was ever a part of the terrorist group. And this is a dreadful one from the Top 10 Worst School Shootings 2022 list.

#7 Santa Fe High School

In 2018 a guy with a shotgun, handgun along with some pipe bombs too literally a terrorist could only ever have all these. He killed 10 and injured 10 at the Santa Fe High school, Texas, USA.

#8 Worthing School

In 2011 at Worthing School, Houston again from Texas USA had seen one of the painful and sorrowful things where a guy killed one and injured 5 others at a football game in the Worthing High School.

#9 Robb Elementary School

Robb Elementary School at Uvalde. In the south Texas part of the USA very recently that’s last week May 24th, 2022 had seen a cold-blooded guy mercilessly and ruthlessly killed 19 people and his own grandmother too. The 18-year-old guy’s name is Salvador Rolando Ramos.

#10 Rancho Tehama Elementary School

The final one from this unwanted list of Top 10 Worst School Shootings sees Rancho Elementary School Shooting, Reserve, California USA. The incident even happened in the class hall rooms, around 5 were killed and 18 were injured too. And this should be the last one from these Top 10 Worst School Shootings too.

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