Top 10 Worst Fanbases- Worst Fanbases 2022 list!

Top 10 Worst Fanbases: Gaming Acharya Guys as you all may be a fan of any celebrity from sports, cinema, games, etc. There are some toxic people who keep spreading hatred about the opposite gang. So let’s head over to our new article on Top 10 Worst Fanbases.

Top 10 Worst Fanbases:

Top 10 Worst Fanbases

#1 Cowboys

The Cowboys from NFL have had got its worst fanbase ever. Since 1995 they couldn’t win the coveted championship NFL title, yet they keep spreading hatred.

According to them only they are kings of the game even though they don’t win anything. They abuse other fandoms, spread negative tags, etc. Hence they are topping here at the Top 10 Worst Fanbases 2022 list.

#2 Football Fans

The entire football fraternity is filled with hate and toxic always. As there are tons of superstars from football, fans keep fighting over who’s at the top and who’s at 1st and 2nd.

The best example is Messi and Ronaldo fans. They even keep commenting on Ronaldo’s posts as Messi is the goat you are next like that. It’s just disgusting to see all this hatred.


The famous and number one battle royal shooter game PUBG also has one of the worst fan bases ever. As PUBG keeps topping the gaming charts, their fans keep topping the Top 10 Worst Fanbases of all time 2022 list.

Since they are no 1, they keep spreading hatred and false information about other games, which even Krafton won’t like about it.

#4 Fortnite

Next to Pubg, here comes Fortnite another free-to-play battle royal game, Fortnite has been emerging as the best. Yet there have been conflicts between Fortnite fans vs other games’ fans. Epic Games should somehow find ways to stop all these toxic things.

Top 10 Worst Fanbases

#5 League Of Legends

Right next after Pubg and Fortnite, here comes another famous game league of legends into this unwanted Top 10 Worst Fanbases list 2022. League of legends fans even abuse others in the comment box of the game.

Be it social media, or other places they just don’t praise about lol, instead they keep lamenting about their rivals.

#6 Cricket

After football, it should definitely be cricket, as cricket has plenty of superstars in the form of Sachin Tendulkar the goat, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Sourav Ganguly, and MS Dhoni. All these have had huge success.

Yet their fandoms keep fighting on social media which looks ugly and annoying. They keep irking others by abusing, editing, morphing, etc. So cricket is an integral part of this Top 10 Worst Fanbases 2022 list.

#7 Hollywood Fans

Hollywood cinema fans have been the worst among all other Fanbases. If their fav actor wins an Oscar or if their films become blockbusters. Then that’s it everything becomes toxic.

They will start to abuse and troll the rivals to bring them down as much as they can. This is really rubbish going forward. So, hence Hollywood movie fans are a must in this Top 10 Worst Fanbases.

#8 Anime Fans

Will you believe me if I say there is hatred among Anime Fans? Yes, even the tv cartoon and anime characters have fans, and their fans keep abusing others. This is such a heinous act. Why do you even hate a fictional character? So Anime also has its name in this Top 10 Worst Fanbases.

#9 IPL Fans 

Cricket has never seen a worst fanbase than IPL. Even in international cricket, India vs Pakistan is better than these IPL fans. Hence IPL fans are one of the Top 10 Worst Fanbases you will ever see. You would become annoyed once you see their posts, abuses and comparisons.

 #10 Kollywood Fans

Next to Hollywood, it should be Kollywood here in this Top 10 Worst Fanbases list 2022. The amount of hatred and toxicity is scaling day by day. As the entire Kollywood fans keep hating themselves, unity is miles apart for them.

Especially Ajith aka AK fans are the worst as they regularly post negative tags about other heroes. Such should be avoided soon.

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