Top 10 Torrenting Sites- The Best Torrenting Sites 2022!

Top 10 Torrenting Sites: Guys now we will look at the Top 10 Torrenting Sites here in Gaming Acharya. These Top 10 Torrenting Sites will help you all to download the movies from the best Torrenting Sites.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites: Best Torrenting Sites 2022

Top 10 Torrenting Sites

#1 Pirate Bay

Tons of Torrenting Sites are there, yet none can match the authenticity and standards of The Pirate Bay. Their arrival was 15 years back yet they are the numero uno when it comes to the best Torrenting Sites.

And it’s not easy too to hold the position for more than a decade but the Pirate Bay has been doing it for more than 15 years and still manage to hold the top spot on this Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list.

#2 LimeTorrents

Another verified Torrenting site is the LimeTorrents, here you will get the upto date movies, web series, and other tv shows too.

Just go to the LimeTorrents website and start searching for your favorite stuff and enjoy it. LimeTorrents also holds its grip here on the Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list.

#3 Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is actually a reprise version of the original Pioneers of the torrential sites named Though it’s not as popular as the old version, with a VPN it should be your go-to torrenting site.

#4 Zoogle

Zoogle is next here at the Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list. One of the highly reputed and trusted sites based in Poland has its own features. Though it’s not user-friendly, it’s one of the best torrential sites to download your favorite movies and also your favorite games too.


RARBG is probably the next best torrential site after the Pirate Bay. This has also been over here for 15 years almost nearly, since 2008 they have been providing all entertainment kinds of stuff along with your favorite games too.

The specialty of RARBG is they provide crystal clear HD quality prints earlier than other torrenting sites.

#6 Tamil Rockers

Probably the only famous one from India, Tamil Rockers have been the best when it comes to leaking the films imminently. To date, no one’s ability to track them out, yet they have been doing their best job.

Besides the leaked version, the hd version of all language films comes to Tamil Rockers, the only change is the site or domain name keeps changing always.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites


EZTV is the next to pop out of the Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list. EZTV’s staggering rise over the years has been phenomenal. They have been uploading movies, tv series and it’s majorly well known for TV shows too.

#8 TorrentDownloads

Another Indian site here on this Top 10 Torrenting Sites list is TorrentDownloads, this has also been there for more than 10 years. And it’s one of the best sites where all lang movies are available with the best clarity too.

#9 KickAss Torrent

As the name itself implies, this torrent site is a kick-ass one, as KickAss Torrent is one the most influential Indian Torrential sites for years. Games, Movies, Webseries, Reality Shows everything’s available over there.

The only thing again here is KickAss Torrent keeps operating in different names or domains too.


Another famous Indian torrent site is a reprise version or even the spin-off version to the TorrentDownloads, here all other torrents are also available. With contents, aplenty is here on this Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list. And this will be the last lot from the Top 10 Torrenting Sites 2022 list too. Have a good VPN and use & enjoy this torrent site too.

That’s a wrap to this Top 10 best Torrential sites 2022. Movie buffs and cinema fans can refer to these websites of this Top 10 Best Torrential sites 2022 to download the latest movies, webseries, games, and tv shows with the best clarity and HD prints available over there.

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