Ocean Song Seraphine LoL- League of Legends Ocean Song Champs, New 6 Skins Pool Party Set!

Ocean Song Seraphine LoL: League of Legends who were busy last season with bringing out new skins, now also is planning to bring in another one to the list.

Now two new skin sets in the name of ocean song seraphine and a prestige edition of the same are being planned to be included in League og Legends game.

Ocean Song Seraphine LoL: What’s this ocean song LoL?

Ocean Song Seraphine LoL

This ocean song seraphine from LoL is indeed a spin-off version of the pool party set. Zeri, Ashe, Seraphine, Yone, Nidalee all these skin sets are set to be featured in the Ocean Song Seraphine LoL event.

The new addition to the pool party, Ocean Song champs is gonna be exciting for sure. So the water based theme skins are making their debuts through the League of Legends 12th Season.

  • Ocean Song Yone
  • Ocean Song Nidalee
  • Ocean Song Seraphine
  • Ocean Song Zeri
  • Ocean Song Ashe

So these are the 5 new Ocean song champions who will commemorate and commence the pool Party of league of legends. So they are ready to splash and launch.

Every skin has its own abilities and will also possess the champions’ skills. As each has a unique set of attributes,

  • Zeri will shoot water pellets and splashing water.
  • Yone will flaunt at water trails
  • Nidalee tosses the spear and plunges into the water
  • Seraphine will be bringing up the bubbles.

So be ready to catch them at the PBE. Everyone will perform at the stage. Two may Sing, the rest may enjoy their concert. So with much expectations and anticipation, the Ocean Song Seraphine LoL League of Legends is gonna be a Massive musical water themed event.

About Ocean Song Seraphine LoL:

Ocean Song Seraphine LoL new skins

As said this Ocean Song Seraphine LoL is water based theme event, and the 5 new Ocean champions will be there at the pool party event to perform. And their skins will be available to be acquired and everyone’s sure to obtain all of these 5 ocean skins.

As these ocean skins will be going to the PBE, the patch notes for this Ocean Song Seraphine LoL will be updated in the coming days or weeks. Riot will keep us all updated as they did for this new ocean song league skins.

So the water themed league will have the champions with their own elements. And their musical performance is set to be the attraction of this ocean song seraphine LoL event. Through this League of Legends Season 12 , the Ocean Song Seraphine is coming.

Their outfits will also be based on the pool party event. A new attire based on swimming pool set will be there. Seraphine is all set to obtain a luxurious and a prestigious ocean song skin in aquamarine and baby pink light colour.

The ocean Song champions have already been added to the PBE. Catch them over there at the pool party. This Ocean Song Seraphine from League of Legends is gonna impress fans and it’s a clever move from Riot Games to up their ante. Hopefully this ocean song seraphine LoL will be a massive hit. Let’s wait for its patch notes and other details in the near future.

That’s everything about the ocean song seraphine LoL. The Ocean song champs are already making their mark at the pool party event of League of Legends Season 12. Hope you all cherish and enjoy it.

And the price of the ocean song seraphine is expected to be around 1,450 RP. The ocean song seraphine prestigious edition is also set to be available through an event pass and also for 2000 tokens too. More shall be updated over here about the Ocean Song Seraphine League of Legends. Keep watching this space.

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