Top 10 USA Songs You Gonna Love- Top and Best American songs 2022!

Top 10 USA Songs: In this article, let’s see some of the Top 10 USA Songs. Songs have always given a soul to our lives. So it’s an indispensable part of our lives obviously. Let’s proceed further to the Top 10 USA Songs list 2022 now here on gaming acharya.

Top 10 USA Songs: Best Songs Ever Heard

Top 10 USA Songs

#1. Easy on Me

Sung by famous singer Adele this pop song was ranked #1 on many playlists over a period of time. And it was even in top 10 songs’ list on most of the countries. And it secures the top spot her on the Top 10 USA Songs list.

#2. About Damn Time

This anthem song performed by Lizzo was number one on the Spotify playlist for many weeks. This has been a stress buster for many. The song is a blend of a funky pop cut and jazz. It heals your stress right away once you start listening to it.

#3. RockStar

RockStar Ft DaBaby, is next at this Top 10 USA Songs list. This melody song went viral once it got released. And the guitar portions in the song became everyone’s favourite.

#4. Abcdefu

A gibberish and strange single from American singer Gayle, abcdefu was celebrated for its unique lyrics and music. The pop number was an instant hit when it was launched.

#5. As it Was

Another song from Harry Styles’ chronology, was topping the charts for several weeks in several countries. And it’s the next song in the Top 10 USA Songs article list 2022. This pop number’s major USP is its guitar music.

#6. First Class

As the name itself implies, this is a first class song sung by Jack Harlow. It’s been trending still on Spotify yet. Once the teaser of this song just dropped on tik tok, fans went to Gaga and waited patiently for the full song. And now it’s became a sensational hit and is placed on Top 10 USA Songs.

Top 10 USA Songs

#7. Wait For U

Another hit song from Drake and Tems from the album I NEVER LIKE YOU. This song has been placed on top 10 of the Spotify playlist for a while. It’s a more of rap song along with its hip-hop version too.

#8. Ghost

The prominent and sensational famous singer Justin Bieber has sung this song. It’s been a massive hit on Spotify playlist and topped the charts in Canada, Uk, Australia etc. And has a place in this top 10 USA Songs.

#9. Oh My God

Another hit list from Adele’s song list, oh my god was in the top 5 on Spotify and top 10 in Worldwide song list. It’s a pakka dancing number. The pop song by her got viral instantly. And is steadily placed in the list of top 10 USA Songs yet in 2022.

#10. She’s All I Wanna Be

The second single from I Used to Think I Could Fly, sung by Canadian singer Tate McRae. Another pop and rock number which got placed in top 15 songs of US Billboard. And this song will finish the Top 10 USA Songs list 2022.

That’s an end from our side to this interesting article about the Top 10 USA Songs list 2022. The American songs have always been the best for other country people too. So these are by far the best and top songs from USA even yet in 2022.

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