Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links: Know the Top SEO Links Tips and Tricks 2022!

Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links: Welcome back to gaming acharya. Today I’m up with some interesting content. Do you all want to know the same? Scroll down to know about the Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links.

When you write an article keywords and traffic are the top two most important aspects of it. So getting that SEO is also very important. So here let’s go with the best guide to Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links.

Who knows these tips in this Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links article may really help your articles to get a #1 ranking on Google and more and more traffic. So let’s proceed to the guide of the Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links article without wasting a moment.

Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links: Best ways to Create SEO links

Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links

So as said SEO is a must for a website, if any random user wants to know your site and articles, then keywords and SEO are an indispensable part of it. So here we go with the Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links.

1. Keyword

As said keyword is obviously the major thing for SEO. So use the keyword which you prioritise for as many as times you can. Also try to add other keywords Many times which may also help your blogs get good rankings.

2. Increase the word count 

Number of words always matters in an article. Write as many as you can. Open with the topic you are writing. Write about it for about 350-400 words. Add some of your articles’ link at the end. Describe about your page in the articles too.

3. Trending Topics

Always go with the trending topics at the writing time. Because once you go with the current trending ones, the SEO, views and traffic keep getting increased always. So always go with the trending topics, which ever it maybe.

4. Update the old ones 

If some your old articles which you felt good and may have gotten good views/traffic, rewrite those again by updating the keywords and some headings too. This might really work as it’s a good strategy too.

5. Authentic content 

Always write only about the facts, don’t give any wrong information, as users always look out for authentic, genuine and credible info. So make sure to not write unwanted or false things.

6. Neat Presentation

once you finish with your writing, make sure to present it in a legible manner. As an article’s topic is not only an important aspect, the way you present matters too. Add subheadings customise it with font and text style and also along with text colour and font colour too.

7. Visuals and Graphics

The visuals, graphics and UI of your page should be at its best always. Make sure to use the best ones available as those always help to earn traffic and views along with SEO too.

8. Multimedia

Add some relevant pictures onto your articles always along with any video too. And if you own a youtube channel, add those links too which will really help you get better SEO.

9. Know the pulse of the audience

Don’t write for your needs too, think from the audience point of view too. If your comment box is filled with suggestions, then without any hesitation proceed with those topics to improve SEO.

10. Avoid Glitches

Always make sure that your site is working properly without any technical Glitches, server errors, or bugs too. If you find anything, then make sure to fix it promptly. All these are the tricks to improve your SEO.

Top 10 Ways to Create SEO Links

So gaming acharya folks these are the top 10 ways to create SEO links that may help you to earn views and traffic rapidly. Always if you are stuck anywhere refer to our article here on gaming acharya about the top 10 ways to create SEO links.

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