LOL Mystery Objective: Complete the League of Legends Eclipse Mystery Missions Now

LOL mystery objective: Lol the league of legends has been launching new mystery missions often for its players to complete and win. By solving this lol mystery objective you may win in-game goodies. And also to complete other quests, you will have to accomplish this Lol mystery objective first. So the lol mystery objective “O Brave Knight”, can be completed with a guide. Here’s to more about the Lol mystery objective.

As the name itself implies Lol mystery objective, this mission is a mysterious one which won’t give you exact details of the same, but there’s a hint given in the form of a 3 line word “O Brave Knight, Seek our Lightless Champions, Embrace the Eclipse.” This is the only hint with which you may have to finish the lol mystery mission objective. This Lol mystery objective gives away 150+ orange essence as a reward once it’s done. The mission will be available for 2 weeks, but it’s not an easy thing to do. As even 2 weeks maybe not enough for some, as they are struggling to crack the code “O Brave Knight” yet.

As said only after completing the mystery missions other regular and milestone quests will be unlocked. So with the given hint we should complete the mystery mission. So the guide to finish this mystery quest is, you will have to play as an eclipse skin character out of the five characters you can choose one.

Just play using any one character from sivir, kayle, aatrox, Senna, sejuania. So these characters had received the eclipse skins on the last patch update 12.8. And you only need one of these characters, you specifically don’t need to play with their skins, so that’s a relief indeed.

LOL Mystery Objective: Guide to Finish the Eclipse Mystery Mission

LOL Mystery Objective
LOL Mystery Objective

So as said the eclipse mystery objective mission is going on now for 2 weeks. By finishing these next set of milestone missions will be getting unlocked one by one soon. So coming to this Lol mystery objective, you just don’t need any skin or be a champion. Just take any champion character along with you to the mission, just play and win the mystery mission, which not only gives you rewards but also unlocks the next set of milestone missions.

 So take any one of the champion characters available sejuania, sivir, kayle, aatrox, and senna. All these had become champions in the 12.8 patch update version. Also, they own the eclipse skins. But you don’t necessarily need the skins to finish the lol mystery objective. Just one of the champions is enough.

That’s it, this mystery objective doesn’t get any better than this. So with 2 weeks’ time, it should be a cakewalk for you guys to complete this.

LOL Mystery Objective: What Will Be the New Lol Milestone Quests & Missions?

LOL Mystery Objective
LOL Mystery Objective

With much expectations, once the eclipse mystery mission objective is completed fully, the next set of quests which is the milestone missions will be unlocked. Here are some of them.

Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya

Once you acquire 30k gold, you will be getting 250+ essence as your reward.

Weapon of a Lost Age

If you score 35+ vision score, 1 hextech will be given as your reward

The Beast Rider’s Trial

Slay 4 epic monsters in a single game along with your team, 1 hextech chest is your reward then

Knights of the Empty Moon

Win a game against aatrox else get 12 or more takedowns in a single game, 1 hextech chest and key are your rewards then

She Must Be Stopped

Win a single match with either of the characters (sivir, sejuani or senna) Any one from these 3. 1 masterwork chest along with a key will be rewarded to you.

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