Nodwin Lan Event BGMI- Nodwin X Loco BGMI LAN tournament event 2022 date, rewards & teams

Nodwin Lan event BGMI: The BGMI eSports Lan event is finally returning after a hiatus 2-year break due to the covid 19 virus. First time since the covid outbreak the BGMI LAN event is happening in Delhi from the 26th of April. The top 16 BGMI teams from India will be knocking off each other. The first LAN event is set to be jointly hosted by loco x nodwin. The event’s organizers have already started preparations for the Nodwin Lan event BGMI.

The audience won’t be allowed to witness this Nodwin Lan event Bgmi tournament. However, you can expect live streaming of the same on YouTube. Here I’m listing out about the Nodwin Lan event Bgmi and possible teams, rewards, and more stuff about the same.

Ever since covid started occupying the country, all the BGMI tournaments were held online. Fans have waited much for this Esports LAN event, now it’s finally returning after 2 years, with the first LAN event being planned to be organized by loco and Nodwin at Delhi from this month-end. Star players like Scout, Jonathan, Mavi, Kishore, and Sashank are all expected to be taking part as part of their teams like God Esports, Sky, Celtz etc. The cash reward is expected to be more than 10 lakhs. Also, the Loco and Nodwin Lan event Bgmi have planned to invite top celebrities as the chief guest to commemorate the event.

As expected there were talks that this LAN event is not hosted by BGMI as other major online tournaments are going on currently, so loco and Nodwin are organizing it together. The first Nodwin Lan event BGMI is happening in Delhi. After this, it will also be held in other major top cities of the country. 16 teams will take part in this intimate tournament. Nodwin Lan event BGMI is beginning on the 26th and will be happening for 2-3 days in Delhi.

Nodwin Lan event BGMI
Nodwin Lan event BGMI

Nodwin Lan Event BGMI: Details About teams, Rewards, Locations 

Lan event is back once again, Nodwin Lan event Bgmi is set to start in Delhi with 16 teams from April 26th. Top teams like Godl Esports, celtz, sky, spartans are expected among the 16 teams. The tournament will be happening in a closed space as they don’t want to take risks, as the next covid wave is approaching. Though the format of the tournament is not known yet, the prize is expected at 10 Lakhs.

Loco and Nodwin are doing their best to make it a bigger event this time. With fans not being allowed to watch, youtube live streaming can be expected. We will get the official news very soon.  With the first major Lan, the event set to happen in Delhi, the next set of tournaments will happen in other metro cities.

About Nodwin Lan Event BGMI:

Nodwin Lan event BGMI
Nodwin Lan event BGMI

The Lan event was happening at regular intervals before COVID-19, but once covid started they had stopped it and shifted it to online mode. With many Tournaments like BMOC, BGMI Pro, and BGSI having had success and also going on right now, Nodwin Lan event BGMI is coming again with immediate effect as the number of covid cases has eased for now.

This event won’t have an audience as cases are a little bit increasing in Delhi, the next set of Lan tournament events might witness an audience. We will get more info on this soon. so that’s it for Nodwin Lan event BGMI 2022 tournament. Stay tuned to our handle and also have a look at our other content of your favorite games and sports.

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