Higher ID in BGMI: Who’s Best in BGMI and Top Player?

Higher Id in BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India’s early get entry to has now been made to be had to all or any customers. Many expert gamers and content creators have already transferred their records to the present localized version of the sport.

Naman Mathur otherwise referred to as Mortal, is one of the foremost celebrated PUBG mobile content material creators and professional gamers. He has completed several accolades and emerged as additionally been nominated for the Streamer of the year award at Esports Awards 2021.

Mortal’s Higher ID in BGMI:

His BGMI I’D is 590211476, and his in-game name is “SouLmorTal.” Given underneath are his stats for the modern-day season. Squad: Mortal’s stats are inside the squad mode.

Higher ID in BGMI
Mortal’s Higher ID in BGMI

Mortal has seemed during a total of seven squad matches and has popped out on pinnacle on events, which translates to a win ratio of 28.6%, additionally affecting six instances within the highest 10. He has finished 24 foes within the procedure, managing a splendid okay/D ratio of three.43.

On top of that, he has dealt 530.4 average harm keep with recreation, having an accuracy of 15.4%. Additionally, the YouTuber has three headshots for a percent of 12.5%. during this season his f/d is 6.69 only 81 matches, wins 22 matches, and top 10 in 61 matches. Mortal is yet to be featured within the duo or solo fits as of now.

Higher ID in BGMI Tier: His highest tier is reached conquer. Now, this season his tier is in squad Ace master, in Duo Diamond V, and in solo Diamond V. YouTube Channel: The oldest video on Mortal’s channel turned into released in September 2016, and because of the actual fact then, he has regularly created content. He has a complete of 1060 movies on his channel and 917 million views combined.

Another Higher ID in BGMI Owner is Saumraj:

Saumraj Higher ID in BGMI
Saumraj Higher ID in BGMI

Saumya “Saumraj” Raj is one such player who has become popular because of his amazing performances in Esports tournaments. Saumraj is taken into account as one in every of the most effective IGLs within the sport. In the currently concluded BGIS 2021, Saumraj silenced his critics by leading his crew, Skylightz Gaming, to victory.

Saumraj’s ID in BGMI: Notwithstanding staying busy playing scrims and tournaments for his group, Saumraj has played some fits inside the continued Cycle 1 Season three of BGMI. Snippet showing SG Saumraj’s stats inside. it’s currently at the Platinum I level. the continuing Cycle 1 Season three (image thru Krafton) Saumraj has played the foremost effective eighty-five traditional suits this season.

However, he won five fights and reached the highest 10 in 21 matches with an F/D ratio of 4.16. He collected 354 achievements in total to cater to the damage of 52998.1. Her highest damage of 2710 and her last 23 (both in single health) highlight her quality as an entire participant.

Higher ID in BGMI Tier: during this season his tier is BGMI in Squad Gold IV, Duo Gold V, and solo Bronze I. All About Information Saumraj: Saumraj’s BGMI I’D is 5482502465. His (IGN) game name, SGxSaumRaj, made him famous within the community.

His fan can either search his id or IGN or send him the recognition of inactivity. Saumraj’s overall performance at the BGIS 2021 has been nothing brief of awesome. Despite being an IGL, Saumraj showed his genius in all told departments, leading his group to victory.

He handed out two grand prizes which highlighted his marvelous all-around performance in the grand finale of the competition. He gained the Rampage Freak Award as he dealt the foremost damage inside the round, and also the Lone Ranger award as he survived for the longest time all told the matches.

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