BGMI Lan Event Invited Teams: New BGMI Lan Tournament Team List 2022

BGMI Lan event invited teams: There’s been news going on that the BGMI Lan tournament is gonna be held in Delhi from 25th April 2022. This news has been surfing for a long time, but not it’s time for the rumors to turn true as the tournament is just days away from its start.

The BGMI LAN tournament event is set to happen for nearly after 2 years, as it couldn’t continue because of the covid 19 outbreak, with now things in control, they are all set to resume top BGMI teams will take part in this tournament. Swipe to know more about the BGMI Lan event invited teams. BGMI Lan event invited teams list will be shared here.

Coming to this BGMI Lan event invited teams, topmost BGMI teams from India will be selected, and the matches will be conducted in a closed space. So this eSports Lan tournament is not expected to be an official one from the BGMI team, as already the other BMOC and BGIS are currently being held online.

The audience can’t enter the event, as they are expected to be prohibited. To date, the official list of team names is not revealed yet. But teams like Celtz, Enigma Gaming, Hydra E Sports, 10 Sky Esports, and Royal Battle eSports are expected on this list.

BGMI Lan event invited teams
BGMI Lan event invited teams

There’s not been a major eSports Lan tournament for the past 2 years, as the country was hit hard by the covid 19 virus. Because of this, the official tournaments were shifted to online. With the situation under control, the lan tournament is being planned to be held in the country’s capital, Delhi by month-end.

More news about tournaments like eligibility, prizes, and also the BGMI lan event invited teams are expected to be revealed soon. The top BGMI players/teams will mark their entry there and will face off against each other. So let’s look at some of the possible BGMI Lan events invited teams, whose entry can be expected.

BGMI Lan Event Invited Teams: What’s This? Which Teams Are Taking Part?

BGMI Lan event invited teams
BGMI Lan event invited teams

This event might even have some special celebrities as its guests. After Delhi, the tournament may happen in other locations like Hyderabad, Gujarat, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. The event prize is not known yet, but it’s expected to be more than 10,00,000. Also, other users can watch this eSports Lan tournament event live streaming on YouTube channels. All the information is expected to be out soon.

As said the official list of the BGMI Lan event invited teams is not known yet, top BGMI teams like Team Xo, Team Sky, Godlike eSports, Spartans Esports team, Team Soul, Celtz are expected and other small teams can also be expected. These teams might tussle out with prominent pro players like Jonathan and Scout. So these are the BGMI LAN event invited teams for the Delhi-based event. Although all are only speculative ones, the official list can be out at any time.

Anyone might get a chance to take part in this if more entries are allowed. You may be on the list of one of the BGMI LAN event invited teams, if you have won many tournaments and also with a high level in your game profile. Watch out for this space for the second list set of the BGMI LAN event invited teams soon. Share your comments in the comment box.

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