NBA Personal Brand Icon 2k22 Sasha: Get Full Info

NBA Personal Brand Icon 2k22 Sasha: As you all know, Nba 2k22 has many features, rewards, and challenges. Fashion designers’ quest is one among them. The NBA personal brand icon 2k22 is one of the quests to complete and Sasha is one of the many designers of the fashion quest. Would you like to know more about this? Follow this article to know more.

This fashion quest is the same as other quests in MyCareer and MyPlayer. This personal brand icon can be acquired by finishing challenges and quests in the game. You can simply win this icon reward by purchasing your favorite outfits and showing it off.

One of the main challenges will be purchasing the clothes and outfits from the affiliation store and running towards run away and showing off, thereby having a chance at getting the brand icon of fashion designer Sasha. And also you can win new in-game rewards along with this icon.

NBA Personal Brand Icon 2k22 Sasha: How To Acquire?

NBA Personal Brand Icon 2k22 Sasha
NBA Personal Brand Icon 2k22 Sasha

Acquiring this free spirit brand icon of designer Sasha is as easy as it gets, here are the steps to do it.

  1. Go to the affiliation store
  2. Find out the outfit which has NBA icon,
  3. Purchase it and proceed towards Runaway and show-off
  4. Then you will earn the free spirit icon of the designer Sasha.

NBA 2k22 Personal Brand Icon Sasha: Quest Guide

Here is the complete quest guide for fashion designer Sasha, what outfits she approves and the outfits which you can purchase are all discussed below.

Once you head to the clothing affiliation store, you can acquire a hoodie for Sasha. Then head off to the city run away and flaunt yourself. You can simply complete the quest by wearing many of the outfits available. For Sasha’s fashion outfit quest, you can also purchase a BLM shirt, shoes, and joggers as she accepts all these.

You can use any clothing item with the NBA logo on it. And also with Adidas accessories such as shoes and joggers. Also, go to the armor shop and buy any compression shirt with the NBA 2k22 logo. And for 1500 VC you can avail of the 2k league shirt. Buy as many team hoodies as Sasha approves of it. Mines might not be working for many as it has Technical glitches. But you need not worry about those, as other outfits are being approved by her.

Nba 2k22 Free Spirit Icon: Rewards & More

By completing the quests and Challenges for the free spirit icon, you will not only win the brand icon but also there are some rewards and other things to follow. You will stand a chance of winning MVP points, goodies, etc. You will earn 10000 MVP points, fashion XP, also 1500+ VC, and more of it.


So today we have discussed one of NBA fashion designers Sasha and their free spirit Icon of hers. Follow the complete quest guide to acquire it. It’s very easy to get the free icon of Sasha, by simply purchasing the clothes from the affiliation store.

There are also other designers along with her, which will be updated by us soon. Until then keep reading this article and also other articles which you might find useful. We will be back with another interesting content soon. Keep following us for other updates and more things. Share your queries in the comment box which will be answered there.

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